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Diesel Facepark – Stupid likes the park

Diesel have created a social event called Facepark, a live event where thousands turned up to create an analog version of Facebook, simulating pretty much everything you can do on Facebook in a physical format, starting with every guest receiving a profile cut-out on arrival that would become your analog wall for the day! The idea, devised by DDB Düsseldorf, was to bring the clichés of social media platforms back to the real world in a very literal way. Love this!

Take a trip to Facepark

(via Viralblog)

Comparethemarket.com – Meerkat trilogy brings the saga to an end


The Streets of Ambitiousness.
Our favourite Meerkat returns with the third and final offering in this classic saga, The Streets of Ambitiousness. This is the final part in the Orlov Family History Trilogy. It tells story of Papa Anton’s struggles as a young entrepreneur comparing Meerkat’s on the streets of Moscow. With a wealth of new characters thrown into the mix, as well as some old favorites in the form of IT expert Sergei.

Mark Vile, Comparethemarket.com’s marketing director, said: “This latest advert is the most exciting in the trilogy, with a host of new characters being introduced. If fans were wondering how Aleksandr came to be the face of comparethemeerkat.com, the new ad will answer all their questions.”

Twilight – Interactive Game in 8-bit


Skittles Mob the Rainbow – Random act of social goodness


Check out the new Skittles Mob the rainbow – MOB #003 Skittles. The MOB has spoken, passing the 100k “like” challenge with ease and now sent James Fulp to college.

The weight of a Brazilian Shirt – can you handle it?


Digital Pinball


Check this out for some Friday Fun- digital pinball done by DoubleYou for Nike Spain, created for the gigantic Write the future campaign, I’ve been saying this for ages but digital content within an analog container is cool people!

Google Chrome Fastball – A Race Across The Internet