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NIKE Back 4 The Future campaign with Marty McFly

A Beautiful campaign that shows how Nike as a Superbrand can get it just right. It all began with a sneak peak into McFly’s Closet,  revealing 1,500 pairs of the futuristic and famous sneakers, first seen in the movie Back To The Future II. For fans of the movie it's a real blast from the past, the dreams and promises we wanted from the future- suddenly they were real again! Nike did a great job in pleasing the hardcore fans of the cult classic, tapping into those childhood memores and emotions.

The campaign was explained by Michael J. Fox a.k.a. Marty McFly. The shoes Marty McFly wore in part II never made it to the shops sadly NIKE are not releasing them in a mass production line instead -  the 1,500 pairs of the Nike MAG shoes were available for auctioning on Ebay from 9 – 19 September, for prices varying from $ 2,000 up to a mind-blowing $ 37,000, to raise money. Brillant campaign.



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Inspiring & Innovative – Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

[vimeo w=601&h=338]

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Everyday I seek inspiration, something new, creative, beautiful and exciting to feed my creative mind over the next few weeks I will share more of what inspires me, today it's this ipad light painting, the film explores playful uses for the ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit the world.

Dentsu London use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, they play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation, inspiring.

Stunning visuals don't you think?

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Whose the most Disruptive Companies in Tech?

Feast your eyes on this infographic showing the most disruptive companies in tech, intrestingly enough many of the innovations are cloud-powered, or cloud-dependent. Apple’s the clear leader in the tablet market, and eating away at the traditional computing market. Apple owns more than 68% of the tablet market, and is replacing laptops, e-readers and handheld games, that doesn't surprise me ipad is the invention they promised us as kids!

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Audi A6 Launches a disappointing YouTube Driving Experience

Audi has launched the world’s first interactive YouTube driving experience for the new Audi A6. Take a look at interactive YouTube experience it uses the indexing feature so you can control the video with your keypad numbers, allowing you to jump from section to section to provide the illusion that you are actually controlling the car. But the problem is it doesn't feel slick, I'm not moved by the experience and it doesn't fill me with excitement about the cars performance - it's a clunky way of showing the driving experience - I'm a real Motorhead and I can't see this appealing to any real drivers.

This is a great example of brands trying too hard to be innovatie using new channels and technology, but failing. Not staying true to what the brand is about is the biggest mistake you can make, knee jerk reactions 'lets have a Facebook page and Twitter account' is a dangerous road and i am surprised Audi has jumped on the band wagon. Audi is about the driving experience, their mission statement “We delight customers worldwide” is at the very core of the Company’s drive to become the number one in the premium segment. This Youtube experience is not premium it's flat.

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Steve Jobs R.I.P – Here’s to the crazy ones

I couldn't end the day without a tribute post to Steve Jobs who sadly lost his battle with cancer. Those of us who have grown up being inspired, captivated and intrigue by Apple will understand the immense sadness felt by millions across the world. Steve Jobs has left behind the greatest brand in history and a legacy of product innovation that will inspire all creatives, inventors, designers to Think Different.