A motivational speaker, creative leader and VR evangelist Resh has spoken extensively all over the world on designing compelling experiences in the age of immersion.


Motivational Speaker #QueenofVR

Resh’s role extends well beyond the scope of creative leadership, she talks extensively all over the world on designing compelling experiences. She is a motivational speaker and leader, drawing from over 18+ years of experience in digital mediums, creative design, advertising and marketing. 



Future of Storytelling Speaker

Resh spoke at FoST - Future of Storytelling NYC on 'Deepening Your Brand With Experiential Storytelling' she highlighted the top VR trends in advertising, discussed the importance of audience engagement vs. brand awareness, and shared how creating authentic and personal experiences that engage the consumer with lasting relationships is ushering in a branding revolution.




Canne Lions Speaker & Workshop Leader

Resh spoke at Cannes Lions on 'Harnessing the Power of Virtual Reality' as well as leading a series of innovative VR workshops for the Cannes Young Lions Academy. Resh's bespoke VR workshop challenged the Cannes Young Lions to understand how to harness the power of this nascent new medium and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Attendees progressed from the basics of VR 101 and storytelling to learning the current VR trends and understanding the fundamental principles of human centred design.


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