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Resh Sidhu | 2012

Award Winning Digital Creative Director fusing Creativity & Technology.

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes...

Mataerial by Petr Novikov, Saša Jokić and Joris Laarman Studio from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Robotic 3D printer draws freeform shapes

This is super awesome! The plastic extruded from this robotic 3D printer solidifies instantly, allowing it to draw freeform shapes in the air extending from any surface.

Coca-Cola: Small World Happiness Machines

This is what the world needs a little less anger and a lot more love. The latest ‘Open Happiness’ installation from Coca-Cola, breaking down barriers and creating a simple moment of connection between two nations, India and Pakistan, who have different opinions.

The Icarus Deception from Squarespace on Vimeo.

Inspirational thinking to start 2013

In The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin’s most inspiring book, he challenges readers to find the courage to treat their work as a form of art

Vision-based augmented reality engine

Obvious Engine is a vision-based augmented reality engine for indie games companies,digital artists, developers and brands. The engine can track the natural features of an image, which means you no longer have to use traditional markers and glyphs. The engine now works with 3D objects and curved surfaces and there’s no need to modify existing forms.

Xbox Kinnect controlled Skate-Board of Awesomeness

Now this is very cool Xbox Kinect Controlled Electric Skateboard, especially one that can hit 32 miles per hour! I had a skateboard as a kid so this hits the right spot for me! Created by the boffins at Chaotic Moon’s LABS they set about rigging up an electric skateboard with a Samsung Windows 8 Tablet and an Xbox Kinect to deliver a gesture controlled experience like no other. The Kinect has been rigged to control the speed and breaking abilities of the skateboard based of hand gestures, body movement and distance. This really is one mega “Board of Awesomeness”


Samsung’s Smart Window shown in CES 2012

Quantum Levitation on a Wipe’Out Track

Smart thief steals a Samsung TV – new Viral Good or bad?


I ❤ LBi + Instagram

Turned my instagram pics from my past year @lbilondon into an animated gif, thanks to everyone will miss you all it’s been ah-mazing!

Siri Plays The Piano

Wonderful amazing - SIRI plays a YAMAHA Disklavier WIRELESSLY via WIFI & Airplay, complete with moving keys in full expression and moving pedals. Presented by the inventor of SmartKEY for Disklavier, Craig Knudsen.

Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist: See how the World Searched

A year in Mobile 2011 – by MobileFuture


Science of Sharing

Lacta Chocolates – Say it with personalised AR

An interesting Augmented Reality campaign from the folks over at Lacta that allows you to send love messages that are activated via image recognition over any Lacta Chocolate wrapper. Once you’ve got the app you can send and receive personalised Lacta love messages, sweet don’t you think?


Barclays innovate with the UK’s first cashless carol singers

Singers from the London Community Gospel Choir used specially designed buckets with contactless payment technology, to encourage people to donate, the jingle of charity collection buckets was nomore and the UK’s first ever cashless carol singers are making history.

Live Streaming Xmas Contraption from IdeaWorks

They Agency Xmas card challenge just got a  little more exciting with this one from Ideaworks in Sydney - Live Streaming Christmas Contraption!

This is a physical installation utilising a combination of live streaming servers to broadcast real-time interactions with Christmas decorations that were rigged up via a series of sensors, relays, wireless audrino boards, pretty nifty stuff. I espeicaly like the impromptu toy hacking . Check it out here - http://fantasticsantasticinteractivechristmasshopfrontcontraption.com/ 

Santa’s little helper – Siri & Santa


Weirdy Beardy Walk scoops IAB creative showcase

Great news to here my Weirdy Beardy Campaign has scooped the IAB Creative Showcase. It’s always great when smaller projects like this get noticed and recognized.


Crazy Ones – Change the world!

The wise words of Steve Jobs.

Xmas on Wheels from Swedish Post

This is a lovely idea from the Swedish Post (Posten) taking inspiration from traditional Christmas card designs by Jenny Nystrom they created xmasonwheels.com. A site that showcases live Christmas scenes that replicate the card designs. Simple and very well made, love the video showcasing how the idea came about and the tech use to create it.

Visitors to the site can control the camera on wheels and take pictures of the Christmas scene and send as real cards to friends and family. A live camera travels around the Christmas scenes and users can take endless variations of photos. Visitors to the site can also choose to be the driver of the “train” and decide what should happen in the live surrounding. Lovely interaction and like the real world to digital marriage, go online and have a play - http://www.julkortifarten.se/eng/

Agency Xmas Cards 2011 – And so it begins with Deck the screens

Have a look at Deck The Screens” it’s a fun little app from the folks at Deeplocal that lets you string holiday lights between all of your screens. Just create a new set of lights, share your code with some friends or co-workers (it works best if everyone is in the same physical location), and watch the lights go. Really simple, fun and I like the use of some new technologies, great stuff to get the annual ‘which agency will have the best xmas card idea’ competition going!

Deck The Screens from deeplocal on Vimeo.


Grandmother Tips you’ll simple love!

I’ve fallen in love with these photographs and posters by Chacho Puebla, featuring his adorable Great-Aunt! Check out all the posters here – http://www.behance.net/gallery/Grandmother-Tips/2392946

Sony’s Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience EVER.

This is pretty impressive considering – that this guy’s room totally changes into the movie he is watching! No SFX, no post production, no cuts, everything you see here is 100% for real. Shot in three parts.

Picture 1



[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/33032787 w=400&h=225]


The worlds first microwave that plays music when food is ready

Happiness from Coca-Cola

Where Will Happiness Strike Next?

Picture 2

Golden Stiletto winner 2011

Great honor to pick up Agency of the Year 2011 for BT Vision Experience and Weirdy Beardy Campaign. Check out the video from the event.

Check out the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkvqAsDxYew


Take the Stress Test

This is a rather quirky approach from Fitzroy an online test especially for Dutch travel agency chain. It allows you to determine how many days of vacation you need. The test is based on voice recognition, but can be done with a keyboard as well. In order to make the test as truthful as possible, the available open-source code-based voice recognition was used. These codes analyze voices, much in the same way as online lie detectors do. The test is realistic, but the type of computer and the quality of the microphone or webcam participants use have an impact on the test. CHeck out http://www.devakantiestresstest.nl to discover how badly you need a vacation.


Invitation Tattoo

Here’s a quirky idea used to attract and invite 300 personalities – The Brazilian Motorcycle Fair. They opted out of the conventional send and email invite instead they sent a tattoo. Three designs were created (speedy, custom and trail) and sent to the guests. At the door of the event, a readable-machine read the tattoo on the body and hey presto your in. Nice.


Formula Face – Use your face as the controller


I love creative and Tech mash ups, so here’s an interesting one from Red bull they have launched a new online racing game called Formula Face, what’s interesting is that it uses your face as the control. This is an online first – control the game with facial gestures, smart! Turn with head nods to the left and right, make faces for bonus points, turboboost by squinting. Great fun, cool and the facial gestures are worth a look.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IicYcOD2Ldk]

Love the playfulness of this game – no controller no keyboard this really opens up possibilities for online gaming and gesture controlled devices. Make sure you have a play the Turbo boost squinting is mighty cool.

Naturally like any good campaign you can upload all your silly faces to Facebook and challenge your friends to see you is the ultimate in Formula Facing!

And too finish of this smart little campaign you can create and print your own Red Bull avatar, nice touch – great work. Play the game – Formula Face

My dad’s first car Chevy’s ad hits the right spot

This is advertising magic at it’s best, and for me it really resonates, I’m a huge car geek because of my dad and very much like this story as a child i remember the most amazing car journeys. So this video really captures the spirits and memories of what it means to have a car you truly love.

Herb Younger thought it was a film crew documenting three generations of an American family. Little did he know, Chevy conspired with his two sons, Jared and Derek, to return his long-lost Impala. Watch his reaction it’s priceless best gift ever!


Social Media Video-graphic 2011

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H61WvxOm1AM]


Weirdy Beardy Walk scoops IAB Creative Showcase

Great news to share – this blog has been a focus for digital ideas and inspiration and not a showcase for my own work, I have my folio site for that www.reshsidhu.com but every now and again it’s great to share news of awards and industry recognition. Man Walks into a barbershop charity idea was done with LBi london creative crew, each creative putting in there own time and resource with zero media spend and budget. So I’m well and truly chuffed for the team and the idea.

IAB Creative Showcase for October, launched in May 2003 by the Internet Advertising Bureau, the Creative Showcase celebrates cutting edge creativity and innovation within the online advertising sector. So I need to start thinking what’s next!

Here’s the case study for Beardy man in case you haven’t seen it!
[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/30741628 w=400&h=300]

Beardy Man Campaign – Case Study from Resh Sidhu on Vimeo.


Do you Believe? Macy’s Believe-o-Magic

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvzRXy3J0Z0]

Macy’s AR experience for Christmas brings Virginia and her friends to life when you mail your letter to Santa at Macy’s. Supported by a microsite http://macys.com/believe . The app lets you choose your favourite characters, take photos and then customise virtual cards… it captures the spirit of Christmas for younger kids and it empowers them to do something a little more engaging once they are in the store.



What’s your Typeface?

NIKE Back 4 The Future campaign with Marty McFly

A Beautiful campaign that shows how Nike as a Superbrand can get it just right. It all began with a sneak peak into McFly’s Closet,  revealing 1,500 pairs of the futuristic and famous sneakers, first seen in the movie Back To The Future II. For fans of the movie it’s a real blast from the past, the dreams and promises we wanted from the future- suddenly they were real again! Nike did a great job in pleasing the hardcore fans of the cult classic, tapping into those childhood memores and emotions.

The campaign was explained by Michael J. Fox a.k.a. Marty McFly. The shoes Marty McFly wore in part II never made it to the shops sadly NIKE are not releasing them in a mass production line instead –  the 1,500 pairs of the Nike MAG shoes were available for auctioning on Ebay from 9 – 19 September, for prices varying from $ 2,000 up to a mind-blowing $ 37,000, to raise money. Brillant campaign.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYMyEqRb2cw]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ6SkdkXjAQ]

Virgin Book by weather – nice idea

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/29956373 w=500&h=281]

Virgin Book by Weather from Otilia Dobrea on Vimeo.

Inspiring & Innovative – Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/14958082 w=601&h=338]

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Everyday I seek inspiration, something new, creative, beautiful and exciting to feed my creative mind over the next few weeks I will share more of what inspires me, today it’s this ipad light painting, the film explores playful uses for the ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit the world.

Dentsu London use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, they play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation, inspiring.

Stunning visuals don’t you think?

Whose the most Disruptive Companies in Tech?

Feast your eyes on this infographic showing the most disruptive companies in tech, intrestingly enough many of the innovations are cloud-powered, or cloud-dependent. Apple’s the clear leader in the tablet market, and eating away at the traditional computing market. Apple owns more than 68% of the tablet market, and is replacing laptops, e-readers and handheld games, that doesn’t surprise me ipad is the invention they promised us as kids!

I love googles ‘what do you Love’

Infographic of the day – Gaming Controllers

Audi A6 Launches a disappointing YouTube Driving Experience

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxB_m-evekY]
Audi has launched the world’s first interactive YouTube driving experience for the new Audi A6. Take a look at interactive YouTube experience it uses the indexing feature so you can control the video with your keypad numbers, allowing you to jump from section to section to provide the illusion that you are actually controlling the car. But the problem is it doesn’t feel slick, I’m not moved by the experience and it doesn’t fill me with excitement about the cars performance - it’s a clunky way of showing the driving experience – I’m a real Motorhead and I can’t see this appealing to any real drivers.

This is a great example of brands trying too hard to be innovatie using new channels and technology, but failing. Not staying true to what the brand is about is the biggest mistake you can make, knee jerk reactions ‘lets have a Facebook page and Twitter account’ is a dangerous road and i am surprised Audi has jumped on the band wagon. Audi is about the driving experience, their mission statement “We delight customers worldwide” is at the very core of the Company’s drive to become the number one in the premium segment. This Youtube experience is not premium it’s flat.

Via: Aden Hepburn on http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/

Steve Jobs R.I.P – Here’s to the crazy ones

I couldn’t end the day without a tribute post to Steve Jobs who sadly lost his battle with cancer. Those of us who have grown up being inspired, captivated and intrigue by Apple will understand the immense sadness felt by millions across the world. Steve Jobs has left behind the greatest brand in history and a legacy of product innovation that will inspire all creatives, inventors, designers to Think Different.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rwsuXHA7RA]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NA&w=480&h=360]

Star wars moments – what’s your favourite?

The force needs your help to decide the all-time favorite Star Wars moments across the entire Saga. Interesting to see this site built in HTML 5 with 300 of the most memorable Star Wars scenes from this epic saga. It’s our opinion that counts; you have the opportunity to have your say by rating any and all moments on a scale of 1-5 stars, select your six favorites, decide the victors in countless moment vs. moment battles, and even share specific moments with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

For quick viewing, you can sort through the 300 Star Wars Moment by episode, or even by one of the following tags: Funny, Epic, Dark, Romantic, and Inspiring. Adding to the fun, you help decide what Moments fit into each category.


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/29348533 w=400&h=225]

Face Substitution from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

Payments made easy

This is really smart way to make payments easy and it’s already started in Sweden since June, anyone can take card payments. You and your friends. Your business. All you need is an iPhone and iZettle. Find out more here- http://izettle.com

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygW_nm9if20]


Mythical Unicorn @lbilondon

1. A mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
2. A heraldic representation of such an animal, with a twisted horn, a deer’s feet, a goat’s beard, and a lion’s tail.



onedotzero showreel 2011

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/29039403 w=853&h=480]

onedotzero_adventures in motion 2011 preview from onedotzero on Vimeo.

Copywriter gets creative with his CV

When it comes to CV’s we encourage all creatives, designers and copywriters to think a little differently, here’s one copywriters approach to getting a job and getting noticed what you think? Seen better examples please share!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb-UdRa0Vaw&w=640&h=360]

Infographic of the day – iOS vs Android

Check this nifty little infographic out, iOS vs Android, it’s certainly the battle of the app stores, with Android’s growing at over 500% in comparison to Blackberry’s almost 300%, leaving Apple’s iOS App Store growing at just over 100% year on year… whose’s side are you one folks.

Urban Tour ASOS launch global interactive campaign

This is stunning piece of digital creative from BBH and Stinkdigital, created for ASOS. The platform “urban tour” promotes the autumn/winter 2011 menswear collection and it focuses on the latest trends in culture, music, art and fashion from seven cities – London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai.

This is the TV ad – supported by the online campaign
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSdiiLtpe8I&w=640&h=360]

Beautiful interactions combined with talented performance artists creates for a unique experience thats a very interesting direction for ASOS. You can interact with the film by clicking on an individual dancer, who breaks out from the group and launches into their performance. All the dancers are dressed in ASOS clothing and users can click to buy the garments at any point during the film, this is a innovative way to showcase a new range and much more compelling way to buy.

Today’s Ted Talk – Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

Broadwalk Empire – Vintage NYC Subway Train

Have a look at this promotion done by HBO for the second season of Boardwalk Empire. They actually ran a vintage 1920s subway in New York City, I love ambient media like this that real deliver an unreal experience to the consumer, something they actually want to talk about and share. Developed by Agency BBDO.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPf-YwUthLs&w=480&h=360]

HAVE A NOS DAY – Interactive YouTube drama

Have a look at this interactive experience on Youtube for Canadian brand NOS, the campaign is called ‘Have a NOS day’ You decide how his day unfolds over a series of 9 short video clips. The right choices lead to sweeeeet pay-offs. Party On. Only from NOS. And yes, there’s a pillow fight….  Via http://www.bannerblog.com.au/

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL-Bj0B1AgA]

Heineken + Designer = Style nuggets

The power of Recommendation – Infographic

Absolutely loving anything to do with stop motion at the moment, this video game style paintball match shot in one take with the Phantom Flex @ 1,000 fps is simply inspiring Directed by Saman Keshavarz, beautifully executed.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/28817900 w=400&h=225]

Porter Robinson // SPITFIRE (aka: CAPTURE THE CAN) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

Have a look at the making of video on youtube, looks like the guys had a whole lot of fun!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPY0b0mVZ5o&w=640&h=390]

Angrybirds infographic

Connected – a new film about our digital addictions

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUBjnk_9n8Y&w=640&h=390]

This is your life do what you love!

Inspirational – Less rain

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnjfxxDNtSA&w=640&h=390]

The museum of obsolete objects

Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic you tube experience from German digital agency Jung von Matt, ‘The museum of obsolete objects.’
It a very interesting creative use of of YouTube, and nice to see agencies doing something different with the platform rather than shaking the page and having people jump out of videos! ( Although I do like those too!) Have a look for yourself – http://www.youtube.com/mooojvm

Playstation 3DTV – Brace yourselF

Check this out  Playstation TV, you read that right folks a TV that has a PS3 built into the back of it. Deep breath!! Also has a clever little feature that enables two players to see two separate full-screen displays using the two different frames that usually create a 3D image. At E3 this week Sony announced a 24″ 3D display that will be available this fall in Japan, North America, Europe/PAL territories, and Asian countries/regions.

‘…Sony’s new Playstation 3D TV creates true side by side gaming – the end of split screen gaming as we know it…..”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut7ElYMknHc&w=640&h=390]

The 3D Display comes bundled with 3D Glasses, an HDMI cable and the Resistance 3 title from Insomniac Games for PlayStation 3 an exciting piece of hardware,for any gamer, I’m thinking about buying a 3D TV where can I test drive this baby?

Nokia Gulp shoot by Aardman Digital

Love working @lbilondon for the simple fact it’s a great environment to collaborate and inspire creatives, today we have the lovely folks from Aardman Animations pop in to share some of their recent work and it certainly did not disappoint. Here’s some great clips and behind the scenes footage on the making of their worlds biggest stop motion film.It follows on from last year where Nokia and Aardman successfully broke the record for the world’s smallest animation, with ‘Dot’. The story starts with a lone fisherman who sets off to sea and comes up against the waves, seagulls, fish, all created using massive sand animation, carved in the beach itself. The lone fisherman catches a huge sea monster that, suddenly swallows him…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yMWwM2ibjk&w=640&h=390]

What’s fantastic is that this was all shot on a Nokia N8 mobile phone on the beach, yes they stepped outside in the realt world and looks like the team lapped it up against some pretty rough conditions, High winds and the tide coming in, where all factors the crew needed to over come. The result is inspiring and impressive, it’s a great example of thinking outside the studio space and taking yourself out the comfort zone to create something beautiful.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2bdz6yZkbA&w=640&h=390]

What I love about this creative idea is it demonstrates the Nokia Phones capabilities in a much more compelling and inspiring method, simple idea beautifully executed. Three Nokia N8 phones were situated 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, UK, shot a canvas of 42.71 meters x 24 meters creating the ‘World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set’. A custom made rig was designed to house the N8 handsets, massive sand drawings were made by team of sand artists and 30 art student volunteers, with each art piece being smoothed over and re-drawn every 4-minutes, shooting up to 75 frames per day.

Very impressive hats off to Aardman Digital great behind the scenes videos and great Stop motion.

Kia Nail art animation

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A_TX-rlfvU&w=480&h=390]

Take a look at this video from Kia the worlds first nail art animation, 1,200 bottles of nail varnish, 25 days and nights 2 hours of drawing each nail and a total of 900 fingernails, they certainly maximized a small space!

Heineken – you tube experience

Heineken Taiwan has launched a rather interesting YouTube take over/Experience, based around the TVC Campaign ‘The Entrance’. There are some nice moments of interaction that really draw the user into the story and they have created an engaging experience for users. However the smart part kicks in when the stories are continued at the end, allow you to choose and discover more, have peek and explore.

Everything you need to go to bed happy

Here’s another interesting campaign from IKEA it’s an interactive social experience on YouTube. The video launches the overarching campaign based around the Big idea that IKEA having everything to get you happy to bed. However check out their YouTube channel here – http://www.youtube.com/user/ikeauk. This is were it gets interesting, you are delivered a full flash experience with Facebook Connect, that delivers you a bedroom that apparently gets you happy to bed. Only problem this campaign left me anything but happy.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQYe7OMoJNA&w=560&h=345]

It’s starts with a series of questions about you and your room…

Then a room begins to build from your Facebook comments, I found this rather slow & clunky.

Finally, a rendered 3D room incorporating a few personal photos from Facebook appears, that’s a nice little touch sure, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Here’s a pic of the room it created for me not really my type of happy place, more like bad hotel room. I’m being a little harsh but I expect so much more from Ikea, only recently did I blog one of there new innovative campaigns – this doesn’t feel on brand for me.

It ends with a social shopping experience encouraging you to purchase these lovely items it so carefully handpicked…. sadly I wanted none. But let me know your thoughts?

The imaginative world of lego – increases traffic to site

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5aASznITyo&w=420&h=345]

A CV with a difference – using QR code

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs7tLBSENx4&w=560&h=345]

Uncover your world from Google

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_B8yrG45vE&w=560&h=345]

Check out this cool campaign idea from Google called “Uncover Your World” It was created to promote the Google Search app on iPhones via a rich media banner campaign on their AdMob platform.

It’s been created in real-life with 3D printers, yes I said 3d printers, set on a stage and filmed in stop motion to make the whole thing “real”.
The video above is the making of and highly inspiring love this work!

Whose paying most for your eyeball?

Living breathing Billboard

Have a look at this outside Westfield shopping center you’ll find an amazing billboard made of 800 native British plants, that took two months to grow. Banrock Station Winery has partnered with Natural England to preserve 2,100 acres of wildflowers. The winery is funding the project with the proceeds from its new range of wine. Nice.

Random acts of Kindness – Sprint Campaign

Sprint’s new campaign “All. Together. Now”, is celebrating the growing importance of what people are doing on their mobile devices, talking, texting, emailing, posting videos, tweeting and updating their Facebook pages.The campaign is multifaceted across TV, print, online and social-media channels such as Facebook.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx_8zsnGkII&w=480&h=345]

The All Together Now campaign was developed at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

Social Shopping – Ikea runs the world

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/27723919 w=400&h=295]

IKEA “The world’s most liked showroom” from Jeena van der Heul on Vimeo.

I’ve blogged about Ikea multiple times, they are a great brand that do smart & intelligent social campaigns. This is another innovative idea from the brand, based around the social shopping phenomenon. It takes a simple idea of utilising Facebook “Like” buttons across all the products on the website, these are then combined to create the world’s most “liked” virtual showroom. Simple idea executed well by two young advertising students Jeena and John from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

London-riots in pictures on Instagram

Here’s the London riots as they unfolded through Instagram users eyes. A chilling combination of mobile photography and technology that provides an insight into major events as they happen. Have a look at the photographs here – http://blog.instagram.com/post/9007156056/london-riots

Amazing iPad app Composite – create artistic compositions

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/27458264 w=400&h=225]

Composite from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Have a look at this amazing app Composite which allows you to remix your surroundings to create artistic compositions. Concept & development was done by the inspirational James Alliban. James was inspired by the collages of Robert Rauschenberg and the iPad 2 app gives you the opportunity to paint pictures using the live front and back facing cameras. It’s simply amazing, you have to see the video to believe it.

By simply pointing  your device towards your subject you can start painting to reveal it, how inspiring and how creative! It’s a greatapp for creative who need quick sketches to support those ideas and concepts and as a artistic tool it ticks all the  boxes. This is what the ipad is about, inpsiration and apps that let you explore and achieve the unexcpected.

Download the app and start sharing your creations James and team have created Composite Website – composite-app.com and a Flickr gallery – flickr.com/​compositeapp . So start sharing today! Also if your not following James blog you should do – expect great things from this Lad he’s a genuius! Blog post – jamesalliban.wordpress.com/​?p=1372

Have you tired CityMapper London?

Check out CityMapper London it provides bus, underground, cycling, taxi and walking directions. It also provides journey times and costs! Just add your starting point and destination, either by text or by simply clicking, and then select the mode of travel. Nice and simple.

3D Mapping facade projection presented by SAMSUNG

Interactive superwall

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/27584986 w=400&h=225]

Cinemax Strike Back – Superwall Interactive Installation – NYC from Jamil Thompson on Vimeo.

As a digital Creative I’ve dreamed of studios with interactve Walls, so brainstorms and Jamm sessions can flow effortlessly, so seeing this gives me a glimmer of hope.

A very cool interactive superwall in New York City, on 34th street. It’s for Cinemax’s new show called “Strike Back”. The SuperWall is essentially a massive interactive digital billboard spanning 18x 46 inch touch screen LCD’s that deliver a multi-faceted experience to passers by, though playing HD video across all screens.

The SuperWall incorporates various motion sensors to help drive user interaction on the wall, allowing them to explore a range of great interactive content across one screen, or multiple. Via. I want one of these for the studio please!

Infographic – social-media-statistics

Move, eat, learn – inspiring short films

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, to remind you that once in a while stop what your doing, look up and enjoy the world we have.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/27246366 w=400&h=225]

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food.

You LOL You Lose Advergame – Brilliant Campaign from Frijj

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsuWx2IB1as&w=560&h=349]

Really fun campaign from Frijj utilises an interesting mashup of quirky fun, weird and seriously bad YouTube videos with webcams and facial recognition to create the “You LOL You Lose” app. A lovely mash up of creativity and Technology my kind of creative thing right here!

The nifty little advergame pits you against friends from your social networks, in a challenge of who can keep a straight face for the longest period of time while they play you some seriously weird YouTube videos. What I really like is the auto detect Face recognition part – the moment the game auto detects you laugh, you lose. The whole idea aims to help players build up their tolerance to the unexpected, so have a go and see if you can keep a straight face!

How consumers are using Mobile phones in 2011?

Here’s a neat infographic from Microsoft Tag highlighting statistics on how people are using mobile phones in 2011. I find these infographics exceptionally useful when brainstorming ideas and thinking about consumer behavior. There’s a great selection of mobile “growth” statistics, stats and facts for 2011, that the savvy creative should read up on!

What’s interesting is the infographic shows that over 1 billion of the worlds 4+ billion mobiles phones are now smartphones, and 3 billion are SMS enabled. In 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage and already in 2011, more than 50% of all “local” searches are done from a mobile device, seriously interesting stuff. Finally something really interesting for brands 86% of mobile users are watching TV while using a mobile phone, 200+ million (1/3 of all users) access Facebook from a mobile device and 91% of all mobile internet use is “social” related. Nice!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aUQLIPdtg8]

Everything you wanted to know about QR Codes

Shadow Art installation – from Newcastle Brown Ale

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJRiz9aSHFQ]

Really loving this art installation from Newcastle Brown Ale. It debuted in San Diego, in the Gaslamp district which is the heart of the club life. Using only a single light source and thousands of real-life Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps, two well-known New York shadow artists brought to life a 128 square foot shadow sculpture. Inspiring!

Infographic of the day – The social travel Revolution

Brands utilise Instagram – Bonds Feel the colour

I love Instagram it’s my new little mobile addiction, so it’s great to see Brands using Instagram in smart campaigns, reaching relevant target audience. Clothing brands Bonds is giving people the chance to create one of three, limited edition Hipster prints.
By using the tagline– ‘Don’t just wear our new Hipsters, create them’ – the design competition asks users to choose a photo they think would look and feel great on a pair of Hipsters and upload it to enter.

Love it, check out the campaign ‘Feel the Colour’ here :- http://feelthecolour.bonds.com.au/

Project ShipHunt using Google earth

The world’s first treasure hunt in the oceans of Google Earth. Find a lost shipwreck for your chance to win thousands of dollars in Sony prizes. Very smart use of Google earth for this new campaign by Sony and Intel. This adventure, called Project Shiphunt, will happen both in real life and online. Similar to  last year’s Rocket Project, a group of science-minded students paired with a mentor will have the chance to push their Sony VAIOs to the limit (with the help of powerful Intel® Core™ processors) and have a technology adventure, or what we like to think is a make.believe experience.  It’s pretty smart and interesting experience have a play, do you belive? Visit Project Shiphunt on Facebook

Infographic – Mobile Gaming

This infographic is really interesting worth a quick read, the folks at Geekaphone, an online resource for the mobile industry, have been researching the mobile gaming industry and here are some of the results – a collection of pretty huge mobile gaming industry stats for 2011. A few key points that really stood out for me and are worth baring in mind are:

* The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach $54 Billion by 2015
* 84% of tablet owners play games
* 70 – 80% of all mobile downloads are games
* Android is soon to overtake Apple in number of total available apps
* Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 million times
* Developers made $87 million in ad revenue in 2010 and will grow 10 fold by 2015

The Twitter Job Hustle Experiment

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/25812909 w=400&h=225]

Here is something a little fun for the weekend, it’s called The Twitter Job Hustle experiment, a clever campaign concocted by Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam in an attempt to score a new job at a leading advertising agency. Smart thinking goes a long way!

DDB’s Wheel Of Concept


So apparently Tribal DDB has the answer to all our creative woes! The agency has come up with the Wheel of Concept, a website where you simply enter the client’s name, spin the wheel, and voila the perfect idea ready in dazzling PDF form. The wheel lands on an idea (they include check-ins, QR codes, ‘viral’ and other ‘of the moment’ trends). The idea is based on the presumption that ideas are easy to generate, so you input your brands name and spin the wheel. You can then download the concept in a pdf with all of your branding already incorporated.

So lets test the ‘Wheel of concept’ against our LBi top clients, lloyds, BT, Coke and Virgin Atlantic. Take a look at the ideas not exactly anything you’d really want to get excited about are they and that’s the point?

Coke use QR Codes

LLoyds should be checking in

BT need an online community


Have a spin of the wheel here – Wheel of Conceptlet me know what you think.

First ever animated tattoo

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3qv2dSXQXk]

On June the 16th 2011 Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L. realised the first ever animated tattoo. Streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared his thoughts and influenced the tattoo.

Google+ demo Tour

For a quick tour of the first key features on Google+ check out this online tour guide.

What makes people follow brands?

Creativity Masterclass

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNMPrPyUcnM&w=640&h=390]

Are you Zuperfly – groundbreaking 360 camera technqiue

This a groundbreaking digital game, from Nike called ”Zuperfly”.  It’s a game that puts the player in the shoes of Zlatan using a groundbreaking 360 camera technique. It’s nothing we haven’t see before on the big screen what takes this to a new level is that it’s been used online to bring the experience to life.  More brands need to think in this way and deliver truly engaging content, that’s relevant to their audience.

If you think you got what it takes, then take the challenge. You have three shots to show your skills and the game puts you in Zlantan’s shoes/boots! With Facebook connect intergration and hi-end video this is a superb online experience. With high-score tables, challenge your friend and your own zuperfly video that users can share Facebook, it’s a smart little campaign. Online games have a phenomenal impact, during my time at Skive Digital we concepted, pitched and built multiple games that reached plays of up to 4million. Great work by Digital agency Strip and Naked Stockholm.

Why I love Cars – Infographic!

Loving these little stiches

Weenudge – Have a wee look!

Here’s a quirky little site to help you in your mission to teach the client about the mysteries of the web, we all know how frustrating it can be trying to convince a client not to cram everything above the fold? and how many times do you tell them not to fear whitespace, whitespace is your friend! Weenudge is a helpful little site that just might help you make your point.


Facebook Studio – Do you LIKE?

Facebook is trying to entice a new generation of creative advertising people! The social networking group has launched Facebook Studio for us creative advertising folks. It’s an online catalogue where the ad world’s top teams can share and comment on the best Facebook ad campaigns. Have  a look, worth bookmarking for your next brainstorm session as it’s a great way to see what’s new in the world of Facebook.

” This is a community where you can share your work, get recognized for your creativity, be inspired by your peers, and browse a collection of work that represents some of the best marketing on Facebook.”

First – 3D Flash Game controlled by iPhone

Introducing the very first flash 3d game that is completely controlled by your iPhone – what are you waiting for start play – http://bit.ly/i11Fgs

Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping – Loving this!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu0TRA6a21Q&w=640&h=390]


Chuckville is microsite by T-Mobile and a tribute to Chuck Norris. Visit Chuckville and enter a man-versus-hero fight in the Chuck-Lin temple.

This is the future!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/21968394 w=400&h=225]

3 from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.

Career-evolution of a designer

Pedigree’s April fools trick – Doggie Dentures!

TBWA have devised this quirky April Fools Stunt – Pedigree DentaStix: Doggie Dentures, they sold a fake product, Doggie Dentures, on a live shopping channel. Anyone who called or went to the website was told, ‘dogs don’t want dentures, they want Pedigree DentaStix.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3boXty-naU&w=480&h=390]

Hot stuff from Hot wheels – 3D projection Mapping

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GcighIL9w0&w=640&h=390]

On Thursday March 10, Hot Wheels™ lit up Circular Quay, showcasing groundbreaking 3D projection technology at Customs House in Sydney, Australia.In a spine tingling show, the notorious Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle. Bloody awesome – Lets do something like this onto the Lbi building!

30 days of simple

Simplehuman is giving away 30 products for 30 days to share their designs that make life easier at home. Starting April 1st, a different prize is up for grabs each day of the month. Watch the videos and enter to win – it’s that simple. Simple idea, simple design – nice!













Are you doodling on Edding’s Wall of fame?

Edding’s interactive live-drawing-board – what will you doodle?



Guess who gets a makeover!

[vimeo 19179479 w=400 h=225]

Hasbro – Guess Who Digital from Luong Lu on Vimeo.

youarelistening.to NYC

Now this is sexy – BP Ultimate Ride 2

Ever get that moment a client says ‘ Make the designs look sexy’ and you think to yourself, what on earth are you talking about your product is not sexy and even though you’re a ninja in Photoshop with the best will in the world you can’t make something ooze sex appeal when it has none. So next time they say that, keep this in your pocket – whip it out and slap them with it. Now this is sexy!

The lovely folks over at  HelloComputer, have  just released BP Ultimate Ride 2. It’s a nifty multi-player online game that lets you modify and customise your virtual ride, race against others online and judge others’ too.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78HeUaSeMnM&w=640&h=390]

Coke + Maroon 5 = Music crowdsourcing

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qJEnyZiBuE&w=640&h=390]

Here’s an interesting campaign from Coca-Cola, Rock band Maroon 5 will open the doors of its recording studio to allow fans contributing to a new track. The band will work on the creation of an original song in 24h, getting inspiration via Web for lyrics, riffs and rhythms. Is this music crowd sourcing taken to the next level?

It’s not surprising that 6k fans have already signed up for the event on Facebook and there is a good reason to spread the word about it: if 100k fans download the track after the recording Coke will make a donation on behalf of the music fans for the RAIN Foundation. Nice little idea.

Clay yourself from Hotels.com

It’s time for a little fun, and I’m loving the tone of voice and art direction on this piece for Hotels.com. The competition Clay Yourself Contest is a chance to win a trip to have your clay version appear in a commercial. The interaction is great and very easy to use, and the added bonus of giving your beautiful creation a name adds that touch of sparkle. It’s cute and quirky and on brand for hotels.com so scoot over and clay yourself already!

Cravendale’s new advert – Cats with thumbs

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6CcxJQq1x8&w=640&h=390]

The best web team ever!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf5T5KjMpJU&w=640&h=390]

Yell challenges a new generation with Facebook Competition

Some of you may have seen this already, Yellow Pages has revived its most famous advert for today’s iPhone generation, by resurrecting the ghost of JR Hartley.
I distinctly remember this advertising campaign originally aired in 1983. It featured an old man, attempting to track down a work about fly fishing. He was seen fruitlessly searching at different, dusty second-hand bookshops before returning despondently home.

The advert which featured classical actor Norman Lumsden, was frequently voted as one of the nation’s favourite and was parodied throughout the 1980s by a series of comedians, including Fry & Laurie, Jasper Carrot and Harry Enfield. The advert tugged at the heartstrings of the nation, so the remake has a lot to live up to. The new advert features a 40-something man traveling around record shops, flicking through racks of vinyl, in search of a trance record. His disc jockey name, or handle, is Day V Lately. His daughter then suggests using the Yell iphone app and the results are as in the original advert are fruitful.

Here’ the new 2011 advert,
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8YDZKTvWMw&w=640&h=390]

What I like about this campaign is that Yell are giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes in their Golden Ticket competition. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is make your way to your local independent music shops to find a copy of Pulse & Thunder, a vintage piece of 90s dance history by Day V Lately. There are ten copies stashed in music shops nationwide – find one to be in with a chance of winning £10,000-worth of prizes! Really nice idea that brings a new audience into the campaign story and uses Facebook to generate mass interest. Users are driven to www.facebook.com/yell

and for those who never saw the original 1983 advert check it out here,
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv1VQ7uSC-s&w=480&h=390]

The world’s biggest shave by Gillette

Loving this work by BBDO New York, on behalf of their client Gillette, it’s the world’s biggest shave on the world’s biggest stage – New York City. BBDO produced a painted billboard in the heart of SoHo that featured Yankees star Derek Jeter. It was then repainted daily to reflect various stages of men’s grooming, stubble, then with shave prep, and finally with his famously clean-shaven face. Nice idea!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U05yZFoiyjE&w=640&h=390]

Are you getting the Plant/Life Balance?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsXqgfHAgaI&w=640&h=390]

Here’s a pretty cool social campaign designed to help people Increase their Plant/Life Balance. The campaign is for the Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia. It started off with a 20,000+ plant give away at major train with each plant having a special code to be activated through a Facebook app that aimed to combine the digital and physical words into an innovative social campaign experience.

The Facebook app teaches you how to care for a plant on your desk at work, but it’s a little more, the app challenges you, your friends and co-workers to be part of a 12 week experience that provides an ongoing series of competitions, educational pieces, friend interaction and giveaways as you learn how to improve your Plant/Life Balance. Interesting idea. Click here to check out the Plant/Life Balance app.

Left Brain right brain by Mercedes Benz

The future of Online Retail

Map my summer by YouTube

Ever wondered what an Australian summer really looks like? Have a look at this cool site by YouTube. This exciting new online initiative was inspired by Ridley Scott (Alien) and Kevin Macdonald’s film “experiment” Live In A Day. It encourages Australians to pick up a camera or mobile phone and capture “the collective Australian summer experience” in under three minutes. Explore the channel have fun it’s a refreshing use of YouTube!


Fedex cheeky gurellia

Design your Life better

[ted id=1069]

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about ‘Work + Life’ balance, it’s something that I feel is so difficult to achieve in the career that I have chosen. The fast-moving world of digital takes no prisoners and the high-profile clients we have @Lbi demand and expect so much more from a Creative Director. The image portrayed in Mad Men of the dashing Don Draper is truly fiction, he doesn’t exist, it’s all fake.

Being a mum of two young boys makes it even more challenging, I’ve battled with the thought that you can never really get the right balance all the time, something along the way has to suffer. The guilt of never picking the kids up from school, missing plays and sports day is really rather tough, so I try to balance out what I miss with the time we spend together. That’s not always so easy when your working long hours and pushing to change the way things are done.

Then I watched this Ted talk by Nigel Marsh, and quite simply it was genius. This is where I had gone wrong trying to do too much when truly in fact it’s the little things in my work + life i need to adjust to maintain that balance. Watch this space  – over the next six months I will try the ‘Mummy Experiment’ and see what little changes I can make, and how they impact work + home.

What are your tips and thoughts on work life balance please share I’ll try them out!

Star Wars + Indiana Jones + LEGO

Infographic – online guide to marketing

Transformer infographic rocks!

ChariTea – Kidrobot and Lunartik presents a ChariTea

Naked shower in the street – Palmolive


Mini planners video by Moleskine

[Vimeo 17398038]

A day in the life of Social Media

[vimeo 17133929]

Discover your Real Age





This interactive Quiz to discover your ‘Real Age’ based on your life style and habits, is beautifully animated in 3D and great attention to detail in ever element of the design, lovely sloder bars and sweet little animations. Great way to engage and keep it creative at the same time. Check it out and see what your real age is!

Soundcities – open source database

Check out this open source database of city sounds and soundmaps from around the world, using found sounds and field recording.  The Database is also open so anyone can upload sounds they collect from world cities via @rubbishcorp

Vodafone – Robots more power to you

Love the weird quirky style campaigns, like this one called “Power Pinata” It’s based around a robot with a baseball bat, hidden away in a secret warehouse, ready to smash a Vodafone piñata that will instantly release 500 pretty cool prizes to the Facebook community, on a first come first serve basis.

Really nice idea check it out, anything with robots has my vote!

La Senza Naughty but nice

Bing decode Jay-Z



Take a look at this when you get a moment, very smart idea for Jay-Z and his first book launch – ‘Decode Jay-Z’. Jay-Z and Bing have taken an unprecedented approach to publishing by literally releasing Jay’s book Decoded a page at a time weeks before it hits the shelves. Forget foursquare and being mayor, forget Google Hotpots friend recommendation if you truly love life, love music then this is one competition not to be missed. From the projects where Jay grew up to the clubs where he found inspiration, each and every page of Decoded has been carefully placed in a physical real world location directly related to its specific content.

Rather impressive and great use of technology – Check it out – http://bing.decodejay-z.com/

World’s first V8 Supercar powered skateboard

I love this crazy, wild and young – can’t wait till 3rd to actually see it!

Angry Birds – Viral

The #jeeppuzzle Twitter Campaign – Confusing or cool?

Here’s a rather interesting if not complicated twitter campaign - created by Leo Burnett Iberia for Jeep. It’s Called #jeeppuzzle, the idea was that users would follow the jeeppuzzle profile, and inside that profile, jeep would be following a total of 12 other profiles, did you get that are you with me? Then, in each of those profiles, they would be following a further 36 profiles, with each holding part of a puzzle. I don’t know about you but at this point I’ve flown away…. check it out let me know what you think.

Pretty cool or too complicated?

May the force be with you



Social Media Sobriety Test

Apparently Nothing good happens online after 1am, so you have to love this little idea from Webroot rather cool! Webroot believes in protecting you in every aspect of your life, including your social media, so they have created the Social Media Sobriety Test. Love it you can put an end to the embarrassment that follows regrettable, late night posts.

OK Go collaborate with Range Rover Evoque

Interesting new campaign, Ok go using the world as their palette and GPS devices as their brush! -  OK Go have announced this project with Range Rover Evoque as part the Pulse of the City project, take part in this global mapping stunt


Yellow pages location based banner

Here’s a nifty little location based banner idea from Yellow pages, created by Y&R Interactive in Tel Aviv, Israel

Viral Video – 8 million views in 5 days

You never really know what will go viral these days – in this video Jason Garza literally walked through the defense like the game was stopped for a second, but the referee didn’t stop the game. This video has been watched more than 8 million times on YouTube in 5 days. This news item even got noticed by CNN.



Log into twitter with your face + voice

[vimeo 16660014]

What is RockMelt? – A new web browser

Check out the new web browser RockMelt, they launched through a Facebook authentication scheme last week, and to get everyone excited, they kicked off by releasing this demo video that has racked up 500,000 views, simple demo that tells a story.


VW Fun theory – The speed Camera Lottery

The wonderful new installation from Volkswagen’s Fun Theory – can ‘Fun’ change human behavior, my opinion absolutely! The speed camera lottery simple and fun way to get people to obey the speed laws!


Interview tips – Get noticed Do something different

Here’s a great example of how to get yourself noticed when trying to get a job, do something different and stand out. To get admission into Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Babatunde Adebola a copywriter from DDB Nigeria went as far as getting a letter from Adolf Hitler to Niklas Frings Rupp. Clever little idea landed him the job plus the priced Lurzer archive scholarship!

Influencers: How Trends Become Contagious

[vimeo 16430345]

Seek inspiration in everything you do
‘INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment. The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach. Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson, the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) who are shaping today’s pop culture.’

When technology inspires – draw with your eyes

[vimeo 6376466]
Sometimes you stumble upon a video or link that moves you, inspires you and makes you believe in the greatness of imagination.
The EyeWriter project is one such project, it is an ongoing collaborative research effort to empower people who are suffering from ALS with creative technologies and it’s moving.

Moustaches make a difference















Lovely campaign to raise awareness for cancer. Just as every strand of facial hair helps spread awareness, every penny you can spare helps fight prostate cancer – check out the awesome moustaches here - http://mosmakeadifference.com/

YouTube | Symphony Experiment


Infographic – Facebook Mobile

Check out this new infographic from Flowtown. There are now over 150 million mobile Facebook users in 2010 (compared to 65 million in 2009) and interestingly, each of those 150 million people create twice the activity and interaction of desktop users. Keep this one safe great to share with clients!

Infographic – Explore the colours of the Web

Incredible HTML5 & Parallax – Never Mind the Bullets

Amazing – brace yourselves as we enter the age of HTML5. Created for Beauty of the Web in honor of the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Never Mind the Bullets offers the traditional comic strip experience enriched by the effects of parallax. Simple brilliant and demonstrates a world of possiblitiles. A simple movement of the mouse the strip becomes animated and the story comes to life. The project took two months of research, programming, and illustration. Is this really the death of flash? Visually stunning and with the added pleasure of creating your own comic! You must check it out, let me know what you think?

Help The Oprah Winfrey Show celebrate its 25th and final season.

I’ve just been Oprahfied! Now it’s your turn. Help The Oprah Winfrey Show celebrate its 25th and final season. Go to http://www.oprah.com/oprahfy to get started.

Get your energy back – One extraordinary hatchback. One extraordinary night. 23.09.10.

Check this out – One extraordinary hatchback. One extraordinary night. 23.09.10. Relive the cutting edge audio visual display here, through the videos,
photos and tweets of people who were there on the night.


Farmville Vs real Farms

Fallen in love with the McMobile

I can almost here the sound of Ice cream van after seeing this highly visible McMobile campaign. It really brightens up the day at large sporting events, concerts, street festivals and quite frankly anywhere people are present — and hungry!

For people waiting in long lines for tickets and entry to staduims, the McMobile serves as a welcome distraction and a chance to get something to eat.  Depending on the location and specific requirements, the McMobile could take the shape of just the one main car or it could become an entire fun train with various components of a meal depicted in each car. Very cute indeed.

The concept would be further enhanced by specific music, mascots, staff and entertainers interacting with the crowds — all part of the experience of encountering the McMobile. McMobile is a concept created by Access Agency which will be sold as a franchise model and also used as a branded marketing experience, and I love it!

Star wars Infographic

Romantic rendez-vous – ijustmadelove.com/

My cheeky team of designers were all in a chuckle in the studio last week and what was causing this flurry of activity? Well, check out the rather naughty http://ijustmadelove.com/ Indeed how technology enables the most basic of human needs voyeurism! The site allows you to add your most recent romantic rendez-vous and take a peek at who’s doing what where, and with whom.

The site is powered by Google Maps and you can explore other people’s sexual encounters (depicted by humping rabbits)  on a global or local scale. Large rabbits mean areas with more sex, smaller rabbits mean less loving happening in that area.

Married men beware !

Infographic mobile Phone usage in adults

VW Bluemotion Commercial

[Vimeo 14854606 w=600&h=400]

Love this new spot created for VW Bluemotion, by DDB, Bruxelles, Belgium.  The concept was to create a commercial using the less co2 emission possible, which is rather lovely. The whole set was made using recycled materials, and all the animation/movement was done by hand, as you can see from the video, hands and sticky tape all visible.

A Mars a day…

Really like this little advertising stunt for Mars. The campaign- ‘Messages from Mars’ – provides consumers with a set of stickers featuring the complete alphabet in Mars typography, including punctuation marks.

So the bar becomes a device for communication where people can create their own messages and can give them to friends. Good one for lovers to leave little messages and great for pack lunch boxes too.

Created by advertising agency: FHV BBDO in The Netherlands.

Facebook places – Nike: Sneak & Destroy


I’ve been keeping a close eye on Facebook Places so really like the use of it in the campaign.

Most viral brands of 2010

Here’s a great way to start the day, this infographic summarises the most viewed, shared and viral brands online in 2010 so far.Its worth a read as there are a few very interesting results like the Shakira Waka Waka viral beating Nikes Write The Future campaign however Nike easily dominated in the social war, winning the most shares on Facebook and Twitter.

ffflick – movie reviews by your friends

This is a clever and smart little idea, ffflick – allows you to see what your Twitter friends are saying about films & movies. ( Via Rubbishcorp )

What makes a Viral?


Is this the next viral video sensation? Watch this space currently it’s early days with only 9,863 views created by The Viral Factory for Samsung and its new Galaxy 850 phone, I am a big fan of The Viral Factory Skype laughter chain being one of my all time favourite viral videos. However this video just didn’t get me excited or make me rush to share it, it feels like we’ve seen it before….so I keen to see how viral this goes, do you like it?

Turn your handwriting into a font – Pilot Handwriting App

Really like the idea of this – Pilothandwriting.com is an online application that turns your handwriting into a Font, simple really.  It then allows you to write by hand on the computer and send your first handwritten e-mails. Also you can publish handwritten messages on facebook, and perhaps type a handwritten letter…..I’m creating mine create yours here – www.Pilothandwriting.com

Remote controlled Poo


I found this slightly disturbing and yet interesting to see the reactions, check out this totally gross four-wheeled turd for WaterAid. It chases people around the streets, asking them to envision a life in which diarrhea’s impossible to escape, the message is smple dig toilets not graves!

Cameronsbeebeard needs your support

Pay attention lovely people the honey bees need your help! The number of honey bees in the UK has halved over the past 15 years; that is really serious and it’s down to us to do something about this and turn their fate around. Fewer bees in our fields means less food for us and less cash for the Kingdom. In fact, due to their vital role in the agricultural process, honey bees are estimated to be worth around £200million to the British economy, so it’s worth saving them.

Here’s what you can do… Tweet a message of support to our very special bee beard. Once we’ve collected 10,000 of your tweet messages, we’ll hand deliver them to Number 10 on fancy stationary as a proper petition, maybe a few honey bees will come along too.

Show your support and Tweet to the petition, we’ve had 281 tweets so far…….just go to www.cameronsbeebeard.com

Re-tweet, blog and share!

You Tube Tipp-Ex campaign


I’ve been on holiday so only just seen this awesome campaign from Tipp-Ex called “A Hunter Shoots A Bear”, it’s another YouTube takeover campaign that has racked up over 2.5 million views and over 3.5 million channel views in the last week.

It begins where a hunter discovers a bear in his camp and needs to shoot it, after that, it’s all in your hands when he can’t make the shot and uses “Tipp-Ex White & ReWrite” to remove the “Shoots” word out of the title in favour of almost unlimited response videos to your suggestions!With endless videos like shoots, kisses, tickles, kicks, sings you’ll be highly entertained. Great use of You tube and very on brand. Love it!

The growth of Social Media Ad Spending infographic

Infographic of the week

Check out this tasty little infographic from Flowtown, via http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/ it’s on the growth of Social Media Ad Spending. The infographic has some great stats like this…Facebook now has 50% of the words social media ad revenue at $1.76 billion in 2010, that’s up 165% from 2009, while reducing MySpace’s market share from 32% in 2009 to just 19% in 2010.

The inspirational Brian Olsen

[vimeo 9254311]

If you haven’t come across the amazing and inspirational Brian Olsen – where have you been! Brian Olsen’s Art In Action is ‘an explosion: a colorful display of paint, energy, music and passion with a purpose’ -  it’s also the most creative and inspiring style i’ve seen in a while, he makes you want to move and create.

Using his fingertips, palms, elbows and up to three brushes in each hand, Brian paints portraits of famous people including musicians, sports figures, and top corporate heads on a four and a half by six foot canvas – whats amazing is he does this in just a matter of minutes. It’s an explosive assault on the senses.

Aleksandr needs you’re help

Aleksandr_Orlov the most famous Meerkat in the world needs a little help. He wants you to a sign petition to remove filthy muskrat site from interwebs. He has recruted the help of Facebook to help him succeed. So begins an interesting digital battle between Compare the Meerkat and his arch enemy Compare the Muskrat.

After the release of this’ filthy advert‘ Aleksandr has had enough and has started a Facebook Petition  – http://bit.ly/c8JbGu to get rid of his nasty foe! Whose side are you on?

Coke releases a little happiness again


Ikea Facebook app – Billygram

IKEA is celebrating 30 years of their BILLY furniture. They had a very simple idea: Content changes – BILLY stays the same. Ikea developed a Facebook App called BILLYGRAM. Users were able to post animated messages written with BILLY storage racks on each other’s walls.

Top 300,000 websites visualized

The guys over at NMAP.org retrieved over 300,000 favicons across the web based on the top million web sites surveyed in 2010 and created a zoomable visualization.
check it out here – http://nmap.org/favicon/

Infographic time!

What is Facebook Places – connecting people


Many of you will be asking exactly what is Facebook Places. So here is the demo video from the official Facebook YouTube Channel. Very interesting and worth sharing to understand what it is and how that impacts your brand and clients.

What’s quite clear is that Facebook Places isn’t just another location based check in service, and I don’t think it’s even meant to compete directly with them, Facebook Places provides the API that will connect the next generation of mobile applications, websites and beyond, that’s pretty awesome!

Halo Reach – by AKQA & AgencyTwoFifteen


Stumbled upon this fantastic video for AKQA’s launch of ‘Halo Reach’. Microsoft is launching an interactive website to celebrate the launch of Halo: Reach. The web interface will let gamers manipulate a Kuka industrial robot to create a virtual monument to Spartan warriors in the run-up to Halo: Reach.

Microsoft will launch the website Monday morning as part of a viral campaign. When the site goes live, visitors can help construct a monument of light to honor the members of Noble Team, the main characters of Reach, who go missing in action after the fall of one of the game’s last human colonies.

Check out the site here - http://www.rememberreach.com/

What makes everyday objects a hidden hero?

Hidden Heroes

Superbly slick interface, great design and innovative navigation makes this site my favourite for today. Hidden Heroes is an exhibition devoted to the “heroes” of everyday life – things that we use on a daily basis, but to which we pay little attention. I found this inspirational!

KitKat’s AR wrapper experience


Digital campaign for Sapporo Beer

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/14032940]

Starbucks are the most engaged brand online

[slideshare id=4781470&doc=alexandrawheeler-100718090339-phpapp02]

Diesel Facepark – Stupid likes the park

Diesel have created a social event called Facepark, a live event where thousands turned up to create an analog version of Facebook, simulating pretty much everything you can do on Facebook in a physical format, starting with every guest receiving a profile cut-out on arrival that would become your analog wall for the day! The idea, devised by DDB Düsseldorf, was to bring the clichés of social media platforms back to the real world in a very literal way. Love this!

Take a trip to Facepark

(via Viralblog)

Comparethemarket.com – Meerkat trilogy brings the saga to an end


The Streets of Ambitiousness.
Our favourite Meerkat returns with the third and final offering in this classic saga, The Streets of Ambitiousness. This is the final part in the Orlov Family History Trilogy. It tells story of Papa Anton’s struggles as a young entrepreneur comparing Meerkat’s on the streets of Moscow. With a wealth of new characters thrown into the mix, as well as some old favorites in the form of IT expert Sergei.

Mark Vile, Comparethemarket.com’s marketing director, said: “This latest advert is the most exciting in the trilogy, with a host of new characters being introduced. If fans were wondering how Aleksandr came to be the face of comparethemeerkat.com, the new ad will answer all their questions.”

Twilight – Interactive Game in 8-bit


Skittles Mob the Rainbow – Random act of social goodness


Check out the new Skittles Mob the rainbow – MOB #003 Skittles. The MOB has spoken, passing the 100k “like” challenge with ease and now sent James Fulp to college.

The weight of a Brazilian Shirt – can you handle it?


Digital Pinball


Check this out for some Friday Fun- digital pinball done by DoubleYou for Nike Spain, created for the gigantic Write the future campaign, I’ve been saying this for ages but digital content within an analog container is cool people!

Google Chrome Fastball – A Race Across The Internet


Paranormal Activity 2 – Teaser Trailer


Check out the first teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2. It has just been released. For those who don’t remember, the first Paranormal Activity was a smash hit at the box office, grossing more than $100 million despite an original budget of just $15,000.

Football fans unite – Fanship2010

Even though England have been knocked out by our arch rivals Germany, I still found it in myself to share this www.fanship2010.com a site that unites football fans around the world. It’s not an original idea, with Nike’s football skills video chain and the never ending Moonwalk.  It has been created by Berlin based creative collective infarbe. The art direction and design is brilliant with a lot of attention paid to making it look super slick and user friendly. What’s great is the fact you can create team photos -  using your friends on Facebook, nice integration and quirky shots to share.

Dove’s Manthem superbowl ad


Check out Dove’s new campaign for their new Men + Care range, created by Ogilvy it first screened during Super Bowl 2010. Nice execution, but not so keen on the website looks like they ran of money http://www.dovemencare.co.uk/- it’s a shame as the tv campaign really lends itself to a great social media campaign. But it’s so often the case that the digital budgets are slashed in favour of the Big TV idea…… things will change won’t they?

Social media in business – infographic

Loving this social media infographic , from  my favourite digital blog site – http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/ some very interesting facts emerge from the stats.

For example ’65% of the worlds top 100 companies has a twitter account, now that in its self might not be all that surprising, but in comparison to Facebook (54%), YouTube (50%) and blogs (33%) that’s a serious number considering the length of time that Facebook, YouTube and Blogs have been around comparability to Twitter.’

Google TV has landed


Via the wonderful Jackie Prince at http://www.sosticky.co.uk/

The Google Job experiment


Stumbled upon this rather clever idea so I simply had to share, we all know its hard to get noticed, and even harder to catch the interest of those top creatives right?

Well this one candidate really showed some grey matter buy doing things a  little differently. Take a look at the video and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a clever tactic by writer & director Alec Brownstein.

What’s equally great about the idea is the result, he targeted five directors, got interviews with four and job offers from two…

..I won’t spoil the fairytale ending for you but.. the Piece de resistance is it only cost him $6!!! Hats off to Alec..we salute you!

Born Free – ‘keep wildlife in the wild’ by WCRS

American Crew Trichology – Reaching out to 15 million men


This is a great case study for American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery system. Their approach was very simple and honest they wanted to avoid associating themselves with all the other hair recovery ads and fake promises on the market.

What worked well for this campaign is they create relevant content and used social networks to spread the word. 100 videos featured doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, single women and professional stylists who answered the 100 most asked (according to Google) questions about hair loss. This is so clever and yet so simple most brands forget to do this, answer the fears and concerns of people.

This campaign reached 15 million men and site traffic to the American Crew site doubled.  Check out the site here and the YouTube channel here. Great campaign and even better results!

Will you choose the Dark side or Light side?


Star Wars™ voices now available for TomTom devices

TomTom have really pulled out all the stops with this fantastic new campaign, Star Wars voices on your TomTom has already won me over, in fact I may start driving to work just to hear Darth each morning.

The advergame uses your web cam to see if you really do have the force, Lord Vader commands you to turn to the Dark Side but choose wisely young Jedi maybe it’s the wise Obi-Wan you should side with?

Buy your TomTom’s now – http://starwars.tomtom.com/voices/

MTV ads rock!

Compelling creative for hard hitting topic

This pencil illustration by McCann Erickson in Brazil really caught my eye, it’s surreal almost MC Escher like in it’s style and influence but the topic really jars with me and it turns dark and disturbing.

“It’s not easy to realize when a pedophile gets into a child’s life.”

Tyrannybook vs Facebook

Amnesty International Portugal and Leo Burnett Iberia have launch a new campaign called Tyrannybook check out the video case study – http://www.tyrannybook.com

Tyrannybook is a social networking site dedicated to outing the world leaders who violate Human Rights.  Their aim is to build a global community of Human Rights defenders, (you and me).  In this first phase there are ten tyrants in the site:

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, Than Shwe of Myanmar, Hu Jintau of China, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Radovan Karadzic of Serbia, Aleksandr Lukashenka of Belarus and Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov of Chechnya.

The Tyrannybook will gain size and presence on the web each week that passes – so take a visit join the site and watch these tyrants!

Teenagers mobile phone infographic

This is one handy info-graphic about teens and their mobile phone usage, by Ethan Bloch, although I will warn you it’s teens in America. Think we need something like this for Uk teens, as this is very comprehensive study, showing not only how much they use their mobiles but what they are using them for as well, such as: to go online, text and access social media sites.

Lady Gaga’s soliders video goes viral


Just seen this on Mashable and it’s already going -gone -viral with 2,285,994 already, it demonstrates the power and ability of the web, to take something and make it great, you just can not predict what it will be, and this is just the beginning.

Created by a group of U.S. soldiers stationed in southwest Afghanistan, it’s of them dancing and lip syncing to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” It starts of with two likely lads  24-year-old soldier Aaron Melcher and  his friend Justin Bakerand and it ends with a group if soldiers – it’s hilarious! Who knows if the video was intended for family and friends, as Mashable states, once it’s on You tube it’s viral!

Enjoy it and spread it like only the bloggers can!

Iron Man 2 – Where’s the action gone?

Iron Man 2 was a much anticipated movie in our home, having two little boys who are huge fans of the first movie we were looking forward to the second. With the hype prior to the release I was expecting a great show and not forgetting the mega budget costs and newcomers to the Iron Man story. Sadly, I was left rather disappointed, the movie lacked some serious flow and energy I was tempted to fall asleep half way through the middle.

Even with Mickey Rourke, as the Russian baddie called Whiplash, it didn’t have the punch that it so desperately need. the story was so flat but the special effects made a good attempt to cover that up, even though the kids loved certain parts for me the film could have been so much better. Robert Downey is fantastic as you would expect, he got that cocky attitude who sticks two fingers up at the world and does what he wants….we all like that.

I wonder sometimes when they write these scripts don’t they step back and look at whether it’s actually good?

Immersive Garden – Capitivating

When you get a moment take a look at the wonderful http://www.immersive-garden.com/ the works and vision of Dilshan Arukatti. The show-reel is an impressive collection of works, but what stood out for me the most was the surreal world of the site, very dark and very compelling. I’m keen to see more work from this art director in the future….I imagine there will be great things to come.

Trojan Horse Ads from Brazil

Love the art direction on these adverts from brazil, very epic. “Watch out for the unpleasant surprises. Alca-Luftal Antacid.”

ACDC vs Iron Man – Let there be rock!


The setting for this night was the historic Rochester Castle, with a thousand years of violent history, ACDC were pitted against Iron Man in a ground breaking architectural projection mapping project.  The front facade of the Great Keep at Rochester Castle, was brought to life using the latest in 3D animation techniques. This onslaught of the senses, saw the castle confront it’s ultimate challenge. Warping, morphing, spewing and collapsing before the audiences eyes. Let there be rock! I love it!

Powerful advertising – Virtual Street Fight


Founds this great advertising via @JonSupermurray. This interactive billboard in the Netherlands brings a powerful new example to the category by putting passersby in the middle of a virtual street fight.

Created by the Dutch government to address a pressing problem for public employees, who are often the targets of aggression and abuse. The augmented reality billboard, placed above a busy intersection in Amsterdam, shows a real-time view of the street below but superimposes a green screen-filmed street fight into the otherwise empty curb space.  Really clever the way this is done and very well executed. As passersby stop to stare at themselves on the billboard, they are confronted with a tense altercation occurring right in front of them.

Nike Football ipad Training App is awesome!

Nike -  just keep doing it again and again – the first at everything!


Football Managers and football training will never be the same again, this makes the ipad even more desirable than before. It feels like Pandora’s box has been opened the potential for the iPad and applications after seeing this video is skyhigh. This is the first Nike iPad App, called Nike Football+ Team Edition and is essentially a Nike Football Training iPad App built for coaches to improve their teams.

The app is packed with a world of training drills, instructions, challenges, tests and information on how coaches can get the best out of their players. It’s also a great interactive tool to take on the pitch and get the team and players inspired, the iphone was to small and fiddly for this and a laptop was not easiest device to have so the ipad is a perfect fit.

The Nike Football Training iPad App also allows you to create custom training programs from some of the worlds best teams, watch tutorials form the worlds best players and record players performance and training all inside the app.

Click here to download it for free on iTunes – let me know if it makes a difference to your game….and well done again to Nike always on the ball!

Jamie Oliver’s food revolution


I’m a huge supporter of Jamie Oliver, ever since he revolutionized British School dinners I have admired his passion for healthy food and his drive to make a positive change in the world through educating people.  In fact Jamie’s done  a better job than the current political parties have, they could learn a thing or two from him. So when I heard about this next project I wasn’t surprised…

Jamie’s starting a ‘Food Revolution’ in the USA and he’s on a mission to get to the White House, as Jamie says,

“This food revolution is about saving America’s health by changing the way you eat. It’s not just a TV show, it’s a movement for you, your family and your community. If you care about your kids and their future take this revolution and make it your own. Educate yourself about food and cooking. Find out what your child is eating at school. Make only a few small changes and magical things will happen. Switching from processed to fresh food will not only make you feel better but it will add years to your life.”
I believe in Jamie’s mission and I am inspired by the fact he not only points out how we as parents should think about what we feed our kids, he shows us how to do it better. So come on people Sign the petition to save America’s cooking skills and improve school food, in fact I think this should be a mission for the whole of the world!

Jamie Oliver we salute you! Visit the official site for more tasty info: - http://www.jamieoliver.com/campaigns/jamies-food-revolution

Freedom of Speech – Only free press can hurt them!

Brilliant!  – “Only a free press can hurt them. Support our fight.” Created by Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Paris, France

Iron Man augmented reality App – get inside Iron Man


My kids love Iron Man, so the release of Iron Man 2 has caused much anticipation in out humble home. So this Augmented Reality App got me rather interested, the AR app gives you the chance to get inside Iron Man & War Machine, choose your own colours, then record your very own video that can be shared through facebook, twitter or embedded into a website. What’s really lovely is that the app also has a heads up display with everything activated through gesture recognition!

Transform yourself into the world of Iron Man 2 – http://www.iamironman2.com/uk/

The-6th-celebration – Coco-Cola & Gringo

Here’s the first of many quirky little World Cup games and competitions bought to you by Coca-Cola made by the fantastic Gringo. Practice your celebration dance moves in style and you could land yourself some swanky tickets to fly out to South Africa!

I’ll warn you it’s not in English but you get the idea quickly, go celebrate here – http://comemore.cocacola.com.br/promo6acomemoracao/

Inspiring Bookshelves!

Likebutton.me – See what your friends like

This is fantastic, really enjoying Facebook’s Like button pluging and this is a clear way to use it and surface all that content in Facebook. It shows you a list of all the items your Facebook friends “Liked” across several websites like YouTubeFlickr, MTV and numerous others.

It basically aggregates all the links into a quick one stop site, social data on a plate.  You can view several pre-defined sets like Games, Video or Tech, and you can add sites of your choosing to each of the categories on the fly, great way to keep track of what Friends are enjoying, sharing and liking across the web.

Have a look here and tell me if you Like it – http://likebutton.me/

Jimmy Choo does Foursquare in London

How far do you need to walk for a pair of Jimmy Choos? Well maybe it’s time to get you’re feet in gear as Jimmy Choo has launched it’s first  a real-time treasure hunt around London via Foursquare. Interesting approach from a Luxury brand, but as it’s for the launch of their new trainers it begins to make sense.

Here’s how it works, one pair of Jimmy Choo trainers will check in at various locations and those who follow the campaign and are lucky enough to arrive at a venue before the trainers leave will get to pick a pair in the style and size of their choosing. Nice and simple but the catch is being at Londons most trendy uber cool spots such as Lounge Lover, The Hummingbird Bakery and the members-only Mortons, not sure the average Foursquare enthusiast hangs out in these places, but only time will tell.

If you plan on accepting this FourSquare challenge let me know how it works out for you.

Twitter Stats looking very Chirpy

Here are some rather interesting Twitter facts:

1. # of registered users: 105,779,710 (1,500% growth over the last three years.)

2. # of new sign-ups per day: ~ 300,000 (More recently, 60% of new accounts were from outside the U.S.)

3. # of new tweets per day: 55 million

4. # of unique daily visitors to the site twitter.com: ~ 180 million. (That’s actually dwarfed by the traffic that flows through twitter’s API — 75% of traffic is through the API.)

5. # of API requests per day: 3 billion

6. # of registered apps: 100,000 (from 50,000 in Dec/2009)

7. # of search queries per day: 600 milion

8. Twitter’s instance, of their recently open-sourced graph database (FlockDB), has 300 13 billion edges and handles 100,000 reads per second.

9. # of servers1: “… in the hundreds”

10. Blackberry’s just released twitter app accounted for 7% of new sign-ups over the last few days

11. A NY Times story gets tweeted every 4 seconds.

Speak to someone before you unravel – Leeds Counselling: Say, Speak

Easy does it on Facebook – holiday planner

Everyone’s favourite value airline Easy jet has  launched an Holiday Planner within its Facebook fan page. It’s very simple an allows Fans of the page to plan holidays together with their friends.

They intend to add a feature that will allow people to buy plane tickets directly from the social network, without having to visit the Easyjet website, this is rather compelling and brave move for the brand. It’s a perfect example of how brands need to think differently about Face book and the potential it has to generate sales and revenue. This little app makes holiday organizing a little easier!

Lets watch this space and see how it goes  have a play here – http://apps.facebook.com/holidayplanner/

Heineken – Men with talent


Check out the next installment from Heineken, a talent show for men. Yes you read correctly Men with Talent. Men With Talent is the official and worthy follow up on the highly successful Walk In Fridge commercial, enjoy!

Creative Tools perfect for Brainstorming!


Just seen this video for the Sketchbook app on the Apple ipad and it’s totally blown me away! The Ipad itself hadn’t really appealled to me until now, simply because as a Creative my iphone + Mac book Pro work a treat. However, this has totally changed the possiblities for creative sessions, client workshops and general hours of creative fun have left me rather excited.

The app has 3 finger tap controls to increase usability, over 75 inbuilt brushes, layering, 10 level undo and 2500% zoom! I  wonder if this type of app might change the way Ilustrators work I can only imagine what could be created in the hands of great artists. Watch this space! You can check out the app or download it here.

Tasty Viral Video with Lipton Tea


Check out this video, demonstrating when something goes viral in China!  AKQA and Lipton Milk Tea created a great viral campaign that was launched on China’s biggest IM and social networking site QQ to celebrate Chinese New Year 2010. (Targeting the audience where they are and all that Jazz)

The results speak for themselves, with over 100 million people sending or watching a view in just a few weeks, staggering!

The foundations of Great Digital Creative

AdAge Digital 2010 6 Foundations of Great Digital Creative[gigya width="425" height="355" src="http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=adage6foundationsofgreatdigitalcreativelive-100415000923-phpapp02&stripped_title=adage-digital-2010-6-foundations-of-great-digital-creative" quality="high" wmode="tranparent" allowfullscreen="true" ]

Levi’s innovating with Social Shopping


Make way for ‘social shopping‘ this is simply brilliant very relevant and excellent the way a brand understands the power of Facebook. With Levi’s social media shopping experience they have added the new “like” facebook functionality to each and every product in the store.

What does this simply little button mean I hear you cry, well it allows customers to find and share their favourite products from Levi’s including seeing what their friends like on the same site. Essentially allowing you to socially shop with friends in real time, you see what they like and they see what you like.

Loving this, really strong idea, it gets my thumbs up for sure!

Ambient Campaign for Swiss Cancer Foundation

Playstation console 3d Ready

Is this true I hear you mumble has Sony really made the PS3 3D compatible?

Well apparently Sony has updated its PS3 firmware to 3.30 making the console 3D ready. That’s rather exciting news espeically for gaming fans like myself, even the mere thought games likes Tekken or GT5 could be experience in 3D adds a level of excitment to the PS3.

Developers are yet to release any 3D titles, but the good news is that retro fitting 3D on existing titles clearly works, and seemingly works well.

The update, is cleverly timed for the launch of the first 3D BRAVIA’s that will grace the wish lists of many men this summer and those units will apparently come bundled with four 3D games: WipEout HD, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust…. I wouldn’t mind on of those to play with.

Tweets from Dowing Street

Here’s a lovely spin on the election race, 10 Downing Tweets tracks the views and projected voting preferences of social media users for the 2010 UK Election, loving the style of this campaign site, really engaging and rather quirky. Who will you vote for?

Twitter used for Domestic Violence Campaign


Great idea to raise awareness of Domestic Violence using Social circles within twitter, powerful messaging very well executed, reaching over 10,000 twitter users. Impressive work especially considering the budget was zero.

Fiat Campaign has Endless Possibilities

Loving these quirky ads for Fiat, You can never learn too much. Ignorance is bliss. Endless possibilities.

Nike Music Shoe – Music to your ears!


Nike trainers have always been about expression, customise them the way you want, run with them, dance with them and now play music with them. In a top secret location in Tokyo, break beat music duo, HIFANA (composed of KEIZOmachine and JUICY)  discovered that Nike Free Run+ running shoes can drop beats.

HIFANA then hooked up the mixers and sound systems to Nike Free Run+ shoes. When bent or twisted, the ultra-flexible Nike Free Run+ drops different tunes and sounds. Furthering proving that every pair of shoes is different and there is a pair for everyone, the Nike Music Shoe video is not just about shoes as instruments. Check out the hopping performance from HIFANA which is signature of their creative and original live performances, and see how Nike shoes can sing different tunes. Music to your feet!

Big shout out to Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo.

WePad is this for real


There have been some interesting stories over the web the past few weeks, about the launch of the ‘WePad’. Well this video finally provides the much need evidence that it’s very much real. CEO Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen presented the WePad. Although I am an Apple fan, this ‘WePad’ is actually quite impressive, don’t you think? This  Its first presentation is not a real-world demo, but a video of its UI, so there is much more to come.

The first WePads are set to arrive in stores in the USA  from June and the prices will range from €449 to €569 for the fully equipped version with 32 GB, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and full HD video. Some 20,000 devices were already preorded, said Hoffer von Ankershoffen.

Find out more with the latest product sheet ( I’ll pre-warn you it’s 14 pages )

Starbucks saving the planet one coffee at a time


Starbucks is going eco-friendly by encouraging thousands of NYC commuters on March 17 and 18 to trade in their coffee cups for reusable tumblers and in turn help create a large Sequoia mural. The reward for the 5,000 or so people who pledged to keep using their tumblers as well as those who already have them.  According to a company release, Starbucks is working to develop a comprehensive recyclable cup solution and its goal is to ensure that 100 percent of its cups are reusable or recyclable by 2015.

UTweet with Uniqlo

Don’t you just love Uniqlo! Their digital campaigns are current, quirky and always true to the brand. Check out “Uniqlo Tweet Show” the latest in a long line of cool digital offerings from Uniqlo. The new campaign syncs with your twitter account or if you prefer you can create your own keywords to use and the app randomly pulls tweets into a Uniqlo Tweet Show mixed in with their famous video style and beat to provide a unique digital brand experience. Naturally you can share, re-tweet and enjoy the cute little tweet show over and over again.


Social Media is dead!

[slideshare id=3505949&doc=socialdeadsshare-100321231756-phpapp01]

Scarface school play

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uovMpapeCJQ] Say hello to a new generation of exciting school plays! 2,840,689
views say that this baby’s going to be a classic just like the original!

Butt this is no laughing matter

Here’s a firm little idea that injects a large dose of humor into a serious topic. To raise awareness of Colorectal Cancer they created a campaign microsite where people could upload photos of their Butts and then send them to friends on facebook or via email.

Interesting that they chose to create a microsite, personally I think this idea would work equally if not better sitting within the Facebook environment, but then I’m loving user engagement in the Social space so I’m biase!

Check out the website here – http://www.getyourbuttseen.ca

Earl & Tiger – Nike spot Turn Negative to positive!


Hail the Villan’s Femme Fatale totally rocks

Wonderful marriage of creativity and technology collide in the latest web project for rock act Hail the Villain. With smooth and seamless transitions that leave you breathless and wanting more. Superb art direction and style, set against the repressive Metal City.

HailTheVillain.com is the engaging first chapter in a story where everything is not as it seems, be sure to look carefully for hidden links. As the city’s residents go about their daily lives, Villains, imposters from the Dead Dimension, are roaming their streets undetected, feeding on the innocent as they plan for world domination, got you hooked already right?

Great story and murder to excite users and tease them into the storyline, based around steel factory worker Drake Carter ending his affair with the beautiful co-worker Thea Landa, sparking a chain of events that leads to Drake’s murder at the hands of his former lover and secret Villain as she moves to claim his soul for herself, strong lead female role, liking it so much!

You’ll love the way the time is frozen in that brutal and savage moment, to allows users to navigate through the scene to unlock character back-stories, clues, downloads and to participate in the story by becoming Villains and sharing messages with the band, great interaction matched with impressive delivery.

The concept for the website grew out of a series of sketches the band had created as a rough draft for a comic book, I’m loving this so much I suggest they make a movie out of these formidable characters and engaging story, just love a Femme Fatale don’t you?

Share a little Coke Happiness

When it comes to Bus shelter concepts and ideas you just got to love this one, infact anyone know where it’s located now because I want it for the agency!

Star Wars Art – Japanese style

Artist Steve Bialik represents legendary Star Wars characters as samurai from traditional Japanese art. Now all we need is the action packed animated version and it’s a winner!

Deep Dive with Powerade


It’s world cup fever, dust off those football shirts and get ready for the action. Be prepared for the campaigns, competitions and prizes up for grabs from the strongest Global brands, like Powerade. Who unveiled their new campaign, developed for The Coca-Cola Company by SapientNitro using great content and new technologies.

SapientNitro have postioned a Youtube microsite -  http://www.youtube.com/powerade – usin Digital Film, a realm where real life, animation, and the actions of the viewer all guide the course of the story. Using deep-dive technology, viewers can interact with the movie and find points where they can see inside the minds and bodies of each character in the story about a football match. This is mind blowing user interaction with a great use of Deep Dive and I’m loving the mind screens, that provide you with a look inside the psyche of each player.

Lacta Love in action

Stumbled upon this interesting campaign from Lacta to promote chocolate bars in Greece. ( via my favourite people at http://adsoftheworld.com/ ) The ideas really rather clever the way it uses social media and crowdsourcing. OgilvyOne in Athens crowdsourced a 27-minute branded-entertainment film, involving the audience in everything from being casts as actors to writers.

Don’t you just love brands that embrace a little bit of collaboration. Throughout the project – audiences were kept updated through a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts, phew a full on social assault

They aired the film on Valentine’s day the 27’ in Greece, great timining don’t you think? It aired on one of the  top TV channels and also online. Check it out and see what you think – http://loveinaction.gr/english or you can grab a coffee and check out the case study here: http://vimeo.com/10550343

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens, Greece

Google street view in 3D

Get on those 3d specs and check this out – http://bit.ly/d5orqv

Infographic – How mobiles are changing the face of social media

Love this infographic on how mobile is shaping the way social media is consumed. Not only is it a vision of beauty it’s interesting to see that from these stats, 25% or more than 100 million facebook users access from a mobile phone, and those who do, are twice as active on social networks compared to people accessing from a computer!

The 35-54 year old bracket is the most active mobile social users, bet some of your clients wouldn’t have expected that!

Flash Mobs with H&M Kids Fashion


Check out this cute flash mob – 55 stylish kids surprise the public at Union Square in San Francisco with a hip hop dance battle that showcases the latest H&M Kids fashion. You got to love Hip-Hop and dance battles – bring them on.

This is how Great ideas get destroyed – Been there many times!

YouTube re-vamp revealed

Just in case you hadn’t noticed already, our all time favourite You Tube has had a face lift. The Google-owned video website completed it’s redesign rollout to users today, phew had me worried for a second there being so close to Aprils Fools day, thought it was all a big digital joke!

Much like Facebook, it has millions of daily viewers to impress so they are not taking this likely there has been considerable thought and a attention to detail in each and every change to make the user journey better.

Here’s a quick lowdown on how they have made it better for the viewing public:-
1. Leaner & Less Cluttered
2. Thumbs up-or-down system (No more stars)
3. Ratings, Favourites, Playlists and Share Options
4. Simplified Navigation

The changes may seem small, but as a whole they will make a huge impact on improving the sites performance and user engagement. The pages feel less cluttered and that’s the key to success I feel, many clients often end up adding more and more on to a design leaving it cluttered and difficult to navigate, by really thinking about user experience You Tube has made a fundamental step in ensuring it gets more and more fans.

Mouthwatering 22 Megapixel Interactive Wall


Facebook App – earth hour

Check out the app and switch off the light:

Here’s a rather quirky little Facebook Application by Wunderman Sydney.  This Virtual Light Switch is a facebook application and a feature on the Earth Hour website.

“I once heard Todd Sampson, co-founder of the Earth Hour initiative, give a seminar on the origin of Earth Hour and how they needed the call-to-action to be so simple to turn apathy into action,” said Wunderman Creative Director, Matt Batten. “This year, Wunderman wanted to do something that returned to that simplicity. How hard is it to flick a light switch?”

The Virtual Light Switch lets you choose the style of the switch and the décor of the room and practice flicking for the big night on 27 March, 2010

Did you switch off your lights for Earth hour?

Vax Banner thats Sucks out those Bad Cookies!

Here’s an interesting little banner idea, that gets across the power of a Vax Vacuum Cleaner.

The concept is clever and smart, nice brand postioning for Vax, whom seem to be playing catch up to Dyson all the time.

Experience the suction power here :- http://www.yri.co.il/e/2010/vax/

Take My Junk The Value of Rubbish

Here’s a Interesting outdoor  idea ( via directdaily ) It’s by Wunderman in UAE for a charity called Take My Junk, which collects unwanted but usable items from people to distribute them to the less fortunate.

The idea :-  Dumpsters were transformed into really cool ‘treasure chests’ with vinyl stickers to communicate their message and placed in high-income residential areas, makes you think about what you throw away.

Agency: Wunderman Dubai, UAE.

Vampire Diaries Augmented Reality Br!llant


Vampires can’t see their reflections…. can you? Very immersive ambient installation, really captured people attention as they walked by in New York. Now this is what i call getting a reaction, great way to bring the Vampire Diaries to life!

Mento’s webcam Bling

Mentos has created a niffty and amusing little interactive MPU. Turn on your webcam and smile to expose your shiny pearly whites, or in some cases not so perly whites! Remember, the larger the grin the bigger the bling. You can even record a short video and play it back within the ad space, nice interactive banner – generates good user interaction!

Teeth whitening banner uses facial recognition in Flash. Created by the very awesome  BBH

Jesus KitKat – have a break have a kitkat

Have a break, with this cool viral idea from Kitkat Netherlands,  This Kit Kat Jesus fake e-mail it is one of the best e-mail marketing campaigns I’ve seen for a while!

Lee Clow & Alex Bogusky inspirational talks


There’s a culture shift happening and as Alex Bogusky + Lee Clow explain we need to understand and embrace it. Just take a look at Alex Bogusky talk about the Google Geek campaign, I love the different ways they tackled the issue and really got into the mindset of the audience. These videos, talks are inspiring – they give you the encouragement to really embrace the digital space and understand how you can really break loose from the norms of traditional advertising and do something profoundly different.

Death of the advertising agency!


Here’s a thought provoking viral video asking the question what will the future advertsing  look like?  The answer really depends on whether or not traditional advertising agencies will truly embrace the power of digital to reach consumers in new, exciting ways. Personally, I see this happen so often with the clients I’ve worked with, the resistance to change and embrace digital is difficult to understand. Huge budgets, time and thinking is wasted on traditional media, the brands that will survive this evolution are the ones that think dramatically differently.

‘The Last Advertising Agency on Earth‘ is a viral film  about what might happen if they don’t, change the way they think and react to the digital revolution –   Show this to all of your clients now!

If you want to learn heaps more visit,  FITC Toronto April 25th – 27th, 2010. More info at http://fitc.ca/toronto. Get 10% off by using code: lastagency ( I would love to attend, these presentations will be great )

Inventory to Insight

Content Analysis: From Inventory to Insight[gigya width="425" height="355" src="http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=contentanalysiscsne-100324083025-phpapp02&stripped_title=content-analysis-from-inventory-to-insight-3537667" quality="high" wmode="tranparent" ]
This is a great presentation and all creatives should bookmark this to remind themselves of the mistakes we can so often make. I’ve shouted it from the roof tops many times, know your audience is the key to understanding what content they want or need.

Top Branded Apps

Those who Tweet don’t sleep!

If you’re using Twitter, have a little play with this little tool. Its called Sleeping Time and it checks a user’s Twitter account and determines when they sleep.

Made by Amit Agarwal, better known as the blogger behind the popular technology site Digital Inspiration. He says it analyzes the timestamp on the most recent 600 tweets from a particular user, and bases its analysis on the location and time zone information provided by that user in their Twitter profile.

The result is a surprisingly accurate portrait (at least for those who are on Twitter a lot), however for me it’s a accurate portrait of the time I stop tweeting and put my mommy hat on, rather than actually get some sleep!

Ariel get fresher with their advertising tactics

The clever little people at Saatchi & Saatchi in Dubai created these clever packages that resembled the fresh produce commonly displayed in supermarket aisles. They wanted to demonstrate Ariel’s specially formulated fragrance of just-washed laundry. So as people where doing their weekly shop, they were surprised to find a new variety of produce: freshly laundered clothing.

What’s different about the idea is not the fact they packaged freshly washed shirts, but it was placement of those shirts in the produce area that cuts through, a little bit of disruption goes a long way.

Virtual Homeless Man projected onto wall NYC


Fantastic idea, using exsisting technologies to really get the message across -  Pathways To Housing & Sarkissian Mason created a “virtual” homeless man, he was then projected onto a wall in NYC, shivering from the cold of a sleepless night, alone, outdoors, he is just one of 40,000 similar people that are homeless in New York.

The campaign was not only about raising awareness but attempting to create some interaction with passers by. The public had the option to interact with the virtual homeless man by SMSing a number that would open a door, for him to get out of the cold and danger.

Compelling idea – I think passers -by felt that instant satisfaction of txting and seeing some impact straight away, and that gave them the feel good factor. These are the types of ideas that cut through and have an emotional connection – don’t you think?

Colgate illustrations by Y&R, New York, USA

The Path to 10 Billion Tweets

Vodafone Bank Note sticker – Guerilla Campaign


Augmented Reality – Toyota Auris: Multi-Marker


Whilst getting my end of day inspiration hit found this -  a unique Augmented Reality experience for Toyota Europe, with Saatchi & Saatchi Germany.  The new campaign provides users with a unique Augmented Reality experience through the ability to create their own AR environment by printing various markers from a range of available objects on the website. Users can also  integrate as many markers as desired to create the ultimate track, then, you can drive your Toyota Auris Hybrid through your virtual space with the ability to record a video of the entire experience that can be shared on the website’s video gallery.

Toyota will be adding all sorts of new objects to print off in the coming weeks to expand the Augmented Reality experience.  Interesting don’t you think?

Want to fly? Flype and EarthGlider


For those who like gadgets and feeling like Superman ( me) this is a must have – it’s a  Flight sim for Google Earth called EarthGlider that uses an iPhone app called Flype as a controller.

Once installed and twinned, you can tilt the iPhone in any direction to tilt and fly your pretend plane. Yes, you read right pretend your a plane!!!  You can also use the iPhone screen to choose a starting location, adjust speed and various other Flight Sim type activities.

Flype is available at the  App Store and you can download EarthGlider from here. Have fun, and fly safe!

Vodafone’s – Madame Tre Sesti – Get your Social Media reading


Neglecting someone is bad for your karma, says Madame Tre Sesti. Do you want to know your social media Reading? Well do you punk? Then visit Vodafones formidable new campaign for the launch of their new 360 mobile.  http://www.madametresesti.com/

Using Facebook connect, users are treated to a very accurate reading of their social life delivered with superb conviction, by the Lovely Madam Tres Sesti. This site had me hooked from the moment it pulled in all my facebook photos! Hats off to Vodafone for really embracing Facebook and using this campaign to creatively engage the target audience with the information hidden within it, clever.

You can anaylise your social Karma health, love and life and you’ll fall in-love with Mr Tweet, the sleepy social bird. Not only does this digital Psychic look into your Facebook, but she happily interogates your Twitter life too. Smart Cute and exceptionally sticky, I found myself wanting to learn more from Madam Tres Sesti!

But don’t take my word for it, Experience your social360 Reading and remember Madame Tres Sesti see’s all.  Made by Dutch agencies Achtung! and They we salute you!

Trend Tracker – the mobile app for fashion professionals on the move!

Calling all fashion professionals, here’s the perfect app for you, trendtracker™ is the new mobile app for fashion professionals on the move! It lets you keep track of the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas and inspiration direct from your mobile.
You can also view coverage of the latest fashion shows from New York, London, Milan, and Paris, as well as show schedules and event guides – wherever you are – a must have item in everyone’s handbag would you say??
Oh and did i forget to mention it’s free – Get yours here Trendtracker app

Cardboard Record Player

LOGORAMA wins Oscar for best animated short


This fantastic Short film “Logorama,” by French filmmaking group H5 has managed to win this year’s Oscar for Best Short Animated Film. It’s a Logo-tastic short film. The short is 17 minutes, and it has over 2500 major logos, incorporated into it.  If you’re an ad junkie, like me and most of the people following me you’ll totally love this. Enjoy, let me know what you think, there are some classic logos hidden in there.


This is one video all clients must see, over and over again.  This is another great visualisation of the latest social media statistics that always makes for a few minutes well spent watching! It provides a range of great stats, that for me are like mini weapons when persuading the client that my next big social media idea is simply a must do. Facts any self respecting digital designer should know like these…

  • 1 out of 8 couples married in the US last year have met via social media
  • Facebook added 100 million users in 9 months
  • 80% of companies are using LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees
  • 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices. People update anywhere, anytime. Imagine what that means for bad customer experiences?
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world
  • There are over 200.000.000 Blogs. 54% of bloggers post content or tweet daily.

Visa Lava flow

To raise awareness of Visa’s sponsorship of the Pompeii exhibit at our National Museum, they greeted all visitors to Wellington Airport with a lava flow that ran around the baggage carousel, really ‘hot’ idea. I’ve seen some interesting usage of the luggage carousel in my time and this is really well executed. This ambient execution made sure nobody could miss Visa’s message, to add that extra touch I would have suggested small smoke/steam ports that released puffs of steam to really get the mood and nail the effect! ( but i always go overboard!)

Created by  TBWATequila in  Auckland. Well done guys & gals!


Toykoplastic presents – http://kittehkitteh.com/

Fans of Toykoplastic will love this series of new short films released by our talented friends – check out – http://kittehkitteh.com/

Don’t treat Diabetes to your heart

“Don’t treat Diabetes to your heart. People with Diabetes are 2 to 4 times likely to get heart diseases than people without Diabetes. So, visit your doctor regularly and prevent Heart diseases.”

Great compelling creative print campaign from Advertising Agency  Greenroom Advertising in Mumbai, India.

Boards Magazine Rise and Fall – interactive cover experience

Boards Magazine decided to dedicate their March issue to Innovation, they developed an  interactive cover that would bring the theme of ‘innovation to life.  Newly-signed artists Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille were brought on board, they are responsible for creating Rise and Fall, a simply stunning and beautiful digital experience.

Check out the video here – http://vimeo.com/10078874

Finally,  the front cover is an invitation into the curious graphic world of Rise and Fall, but the back coverwas also used  to uncover a behind-the-scenes look at how the project was achieved, which is fantastic approach to innovation the art of creating and sharing!

To expeirence it for yourself go to Rise and Fall Behind the scenes

The Feather Leads to the Revolution – Adidas


Fantastic animation in this ADIDAS video called  ‘The Feather Leads to the Revolution’  and for those here’s a translation of this epic ad…

A free kick coming up in the final half loss time!
Will this be the last chance?
Shunsuke Nakamura!!
If he makes it, it’s a major comeback!
Shunsuke: Remember…
3 Legged Crow: The chosen one… The road to become the world’s Top 4 is interminably harsh. I dare you to reach it
Shunsuke: Go forward!
3 Legged Crow: Excellent. I bestow you with technique
Commentary: GOOOOAAAAL! It’s an upset!
The technique that leads Japan to revolution

The road to become the world’s Top 4 is interminably harsh.
I bestow you with technique

The technique that leads Japan to revolution

Raise the revolution.
Impossible Is Nothing.

Carlton Draught tingle!

As if men really need any more excuses to drink with the lads, but I do rather like this cheeky little microsite for Carlton Draught. The site features 8 video clips with highly annoying but yet addictive jingles to get you men out there drinking more Carlton Draught.

However, they have made the biggest digital mistake by not adding a very simple function to share this content? Why they haven’t done this i DON’T KNOW, worried client, confidence or pure lack of understanding digital…

…but there’s still time, allow visitors to share with facebook, embed the videos in their own blogs and get this content out there!

Worlds Greatest Lover

( Sorry to the lovely Stafford, who i used to test this app )

This is great have a look at the “Worlds Greatest Lover,” a spanking new new social app for Wet® International, lets just say the clue of what they sell is in the title! Created by agency Oddcast and Creative Production Firm Bullet. “World’s Greatest Lover” allows users to give romantic props to their significant others.  Users simply log on to the website, upload a photo from their computer or via Facebook Connect and the software automatically creates an official newscast crowning the nominee, complete with remarks from an esteemed panel of judges.  Nifty little app don’t you think, which man wouldn’t want to be crowed worlds greatest lover!

Users can then send their creation to friends or post it to more than 50 social networking applications (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, etc.) to spread the news beyond email inboxes and into the social media sphere, great method to get user to create content but more importantly share that content with everyone and his wife.

Do have anyone good enough to be crowed worlds greatest lover – then submit them here!

Skittles Rainbow EVB


Don’t you just love Skittles! One of my top rated agencies EVB created this valentines day campaign, for Skittles. They utilised their newly created “Mob The Rainbow” facebook fan page with over 4 million people, not a bad following wouldn’t you say!! ( envy, envy)

This is a brillant way to really leverage your social following with real world activation and most certainly I shall be using this as a great example of how to engage within the social space.   The results i hear you cry over 44,000 people wrote valentines day messages as part of the facebook campaign, which were then printed out, packaged and delivered by cupid himself! (Really smart, really nice )

Skittles started the digital makeover with a view to start recruiting fans over a 12 month period, I think they are well on their way to making themselves a leader when it comes to innovative digital thinking and creative ideas. So if you’re a skittles lover, then you should  Become A Fan Here.

Chat Roulette – the machine powers on!”


Burger King Whopper Face


Burger Kings sandwiches are made to order just the way you like it Right? Well this video really takes personal service to the next level. Personalised burgers with your face on the wrapper, peoples reactions say it all. (via TongueTalks)

Guinness Scout


// // With World Cup Fever quickly coming around the corner, here’s a little gem of an advert from Guinness. Some class football from the streets and some hidden wonders…Guinness celebrates the drop of greatness found in every man. 

The World of internet Retail

Apparently 79% of online shoppers are satisfied shoppers!  Social media is transforming online retail in social commerce. Online peer reviews have become the new decision making differentiators in our buying process, we’ve been telling brands this for a while now. Advertising has become second best.

Hotwheels You Tube Race


Hotwheels are burning rubber across you tube with this fantastic youTube video race. This very clever intergration is  from Mattel and it will not disappont. It allows you to become the pit crew chief and race your car across 3 tracks to victory if you can customise your car with the right gear for the right track. I love this digital experience, it’s engaging superbly executed and I wish more brands would get engaging like this.

With over 200,000 games played in the first few weeks since launch, it’s got the green light!


Gatorage G2 – Float like a butterfly


G2 latest sting got me all excited again, I almost donned my Boxing gloves, with ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bee’ this campaign packs a punch.

what’s your Twitter account worth?

I found this clever little site rather interesting as I munched my lunchtime bagel! What is my twitter account worth? From the results you can see mines not worth that much, so it was interesting to see some of the top scorers, I rank #25136 out of 166569 which isn’t too bad considering I’m a little Lady and its a big world!  Not surprising is that the famous Twitter addict Ashton Kutcher is Top of this table vauled at a whopping – $2,316,504! So try yours and see what your tweets are worth!

What is Augmented Reality?



As Interactive Art Director at Skive I am often asked by clients What is Augmented Reality, How does it work? So, for those creatives out there that get asked the same question here’s a very quick  overview of the best Augmented Reality apps out there, just release by my favourite people over at Digital Buzz. The thing about AR is as soon as you start to trying to explain it people are slightly lost, dazed and confused. So from experience the best way is to ‘show’ them how it works with a great collection of videos and soon you are the apple of your clients eye! What’s great is Skive’s very own expert James Aliban is featured in the Top 10 – with his very clever business card idea.

Click here to view the Top 10 Augmented Reality Examples.

ePad simply the most important thing ever!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayx2mzm1QVw] I like it when brands don’t take themselves too seriously and this light heart fun at Apple, by E4 works a little treat!

The Google Beast roars!


Google wants to know who your are, where you are and what you like! Trying very hard not to be evil, you decide?

Tropicana owns the Sun


This is fantastic video that’s simply inspiring and I am loving the creative idea behind it.

Tropicana, who would like their brand to be associated with morning sunshine, has found a great way to share the sun. And whom better to share it with than the less fortunate – a town of people in the Canadian Arctic. These people have days without sunshine, i simply can not imagine what that is like, but the expressions on the childrens faces and the warmth that is conveyed in the video shows how magical it is.

Tropicana really are ‘Owning the sun’

Tropicana brings the sun

darrylohrt's picture

Tropicana, who would like their brand to be associated with morning sunshine, has found a way share the sun with the less fortunate: a town of people in the Canadian Arctic.

Here’s a fun stunt captured on video that you know allowed the agency to say to the client “we’re going to OWN the sun.” Awesome.

2010 Nissan QASHQAI Urbanproof Guerilla Marketing


Just stumbled upon this Nissan campaign, rather interesting take on their new advert. Here is an innovative three dimensional installation which has you gripped from the start.  I find most Car advertising robotic and boring they are not always known for breaking the mould, but this is a great example of how to do things differently.  Fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the ride.

ABSOLUT VODKA – NY-Z Trailer featuring Jay-Z


This is still a pretty cool teaser for a new Jay-Z doc called NY-Z as part of the Absolut concert series. Directed by noted photog Danny Clinch, the film is centered around Hova’s concert at Madison Square Garden but delves into his love of the Big Apple, his inspiration and start into music. Very good marriage of Absoult, Jay Z and the beautiful city that is new york! This is what branded entertainment should be, folks.

Sadly we have to wait until March 22 for the full film to debut on the vodka brand’s Facebook site stay tuned!


Even the Hulk gets hurt!

Horror in the cinema 13th Street – last call


This video explains it all, totally fantastic the reactions of the audience are simply priceless.

Make the logo bigger


Every art director, creative and designer in the world fears these very words ‘ Can you make the logo bigger’ this spoof is simply fantastic. enjoy


Creative takeover – And Then There Was Salsa

Never really thought Vimeo could be used in this way, and I am really liking this execution for salsa.  Frito Lay Dips ad (via adverblog ). Created by Goodby I think it’s very creative and really packs a punch, it reminds me of the Wario experience before and W+K’s Let It Shine for Honda these always have a big impact.

This style of takeover is here to stay. The fact you can still embed the video, rate and comment is what I like best it doesn’t sacrifice functionality to make it work, love it have a look and enjoy!

Check it out here

Nikes Human Chain – Get off the ground


Check out this innovative commercial showing a number of more and less famous athletes doing the thing they love most. I really love the way Nike, in all their videos capture the passion and pain of athletes. In the commercial we see the athletes in a chain of copies of themselves. Nike created a social web around this campaign using the well-known Just Do It slogan by asking people to post to the Facebook page and to Twitter using #justdoit what they are doing to bring out the best in their athletic selves.

The video has 190,148 views since February 12.


Marmite DDB Campaign 2010

DDB UK launches with these interesting print adverts for Marmite. Either you’ll love it or Hate it

Mcdonalds New Campaign


Have a look at  McDonalds new commercial from the US stereotypes people from the Netherlands, and their supposed paying etiquette, in order to promote their new Double Dutch burger. Clever and rather humourous idea think you’ll crack a smile!

Old spice, smell like me campaign


Just watched this new video from Old Spice, interesting new angle they’re talking with a strong focus on women. Old Spice tells women how their man could smell like, Or as they claim: We’re not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it’ In a funny silly way I like it, possbily because thefirst thing I think about when looking at Old Spice is my dad! So this is a refresingly new way to get the message across.

What do you think?

Street View Snowmobile – Google


Don’t you just love Google, their timing is really clever, just in time for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Google has let loose their “Street View Snowmobile” for the very first time. It’s pretty awesome and is bound to blow the wind up your skirt! It allows you to experience Whistler Blackcomb like never before! Check it out it’s fantastic – Click here to check it out on Google Maps!


Living Promotes Supernatural with AR – http://www.luciferiscoming.com/

This looks very exciting! Living UK is launching the UK’s “most advanced” alternate reality game to promote the new series of US drama Supernatural. The game is based around collecting hidden symbols called Enochian Sigils which players have to locate, photograph and send via MMS to the campaign shortcode, so very engaging and interactive!

The symbols are  hidden online and at real-world locations each has a different number of points. Clues to the Sigil locations will be delivered by Supernatural character Castiel (Misha Collins) in specially filmed sequences on the Fight the Apocalypse website.  It’s all extremely exciting and I think it’s the first for this type of campaign -using mobile and online to allow Supernatural fans to create their profile and contact friends to join their army and manage their game and collection of symbols.

Take part and join in – naturally the countdown to the start of the game will be broadcast on Twitter. Followers of the Fight the Apocalypse Twitter feed will be given tips and additional mini-challenges to win extra prizes.

The game design, website, mobile portal and bespoke content have been created by Candyspace Media. It will be supported by a TV, outdoor and press campaign to create awareness of Supernatural’s move to Living.

Check out the site and the campaign now – let me know what you think?


True City – Nikes new iphone app


What happen’s when a great brand and leading digital agency get together?  The birth of ground breaking digital content, that is what happens.  Nike have once again teamed up with AKQA ( Damm these creatives are  so hot I’m feeling the heat from here! ) to create The  True City iPhone App. It  is equipped with some serious digital weapons -  geo-tagging,  full social media integration and it  gives users insight to the best parts of six European cities–London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris and Barcelona–but with a twist, through the eyes of locals, real places, real stories.

If that wasn’t cool enough, AKQA, has also implemented a QR code reader which will let users unlock secrets around the city, oh an of course all the content is shared on facebook – i’m downloading my app right now!



Iphone Cases that rock!


I fell in love with these gorgeous Etch A Sketch” themed iPhone pouches at first sight. Instantly transporting me back to my childhood, of attempting to create a masterpiece on my etch-a-sketch but failing. The iSketch & the Playstation cuteyare great retro covers for iphones and add instant cool-ness to anyones night!

Hand crafted entirely from soft felt, the classic iSketch was created by Yummypocket, expect to pay $22 plus a small shipping fee for this slick retro design. These are a must for any creative, simple for the fun factor!

Buy Online here and check out other fantastic iphone covers


Beatbox with Mentos

You all remember the clever Mento’s beatbox advert, the one where the guy tries to Beatbox his way to winning the girl! Here’s the next phase in that saga, Mento’s introduce Instant Beatbox Expertiser, quite a mouthful! Check it out, have  a go but make sure you have your webcam ready – it’s nothing original, so i am interested to see what Mento’s plans to do with the funny, odd and quirky user generated content.

Pop a mento into your mouth and lets see what your got!

Publicis xmas video gets slated


Creative Spaces Wieden + Kennedy Office, London

I don’t often get jealous, I’m a good girl at heart, but seeing these swanky new offices has made me green with envy. This is the new office of advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, located in The Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane area and they are awesome to say the least.

Off the main space, a series of ‘garage lock-ups’ have been customised with up-and-over doors, creating hideaway spaces which can also be extensions to the main space.

I want offices like these!


Who’s the daddy on Facebook?

This is a must for any digital creative agency to learn from,  The Big Money Facebook 50, a ranking of the brands that are currently making the best use of Facebook.

Various metrics—including fan numbers, page growth, frequency of updates, creativity as determined by a panel of judges, and fan engagement ( this is the key they measured how real fans actually reacted with and engaged with the creative ).
I wasn’t surprised to see Ben and Jerry’s icecream in there in in 30th place with  987,761 fans to date neither did it surprise me Starbucks are sitting pretty at 2nd place.

The coffee company won almost 200,000 new fans in a single week in late July, thanks in part to a free pastry promotion with a staggering 5,034,578 fans there is a lot brands can learn…

Check out whose No1 here


How to survey what 1,000′s of tweets “think” in just seconds:

Clever little site that turns those twitter thoughts into a lovely digestable visual map for clients and all to understand, all you need to do is enter two or three search terms separated by commas and press the ‘Search’ button or type Enter/Return, and as if by magic huff puff  poof a lovely chart appears before your eyes. After the data is retrieved a Venn Diagram is shown which illustrates the rate of tweets containing the search terms in the various combinations. Great for digital planners who need these charts to sell their wonderful visions to unkonowing clients!

Created by a very clever fellow called Jeff Clark, well done you!

Social media ROI video story

We all ask ourselves constantly when doodling the nest big idea, how can we use Social Media tools and what ROI could it possibly give us.  Many marketers are already convinced of the power of social media, but i found this video very fun and very simple to understand, think our clients need more videos like this -   from Socialnomics is a showcases of several Social Media ROI examples along with other effective Social Media Strategies.


The power of viral videos!

When the Dutch Ministry of Transport needed to raise awareness for a bike safety campaign they decided to get the message across using a more relevant media. About time the big wigs paid a little attention to what interests our young consumers today, and made their message a touch more creative!

The ministry of transport created a viral video in order to create awareness for an campaign on bike lights and safety. Check out the video the bikes look great and the message gets across simple. Within 2 weeks, the video received 150.000+ views on YouTube .