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An epic life changing experience Beyond #MyReality

Beyond #MyReality - Curiosity conquered fear  

I never imagined one trip would change my life… but a recent experience in Israel with #BeyondReality and The Schusterman Foundation did just that. The journey challenged my perceptions, opened my eyes, broke down barriers and exposed deep emotions hidden inside, that would trigger a series of events that have, changed my world.   I’ve always been a little sceptical of things that sound too good to be true and this trip was no different, at first. It wasn’t until multiple people kept recommending the experience, that part of me actually became more and more curious. “It will change your life” were the encouraging words from Jacob Marshall that finally won over my fear and give it a try!



The timing for this trip could not have been more perfect, I’d lost my father in early 2016, returned to London from NYC in 2017 and I’d been trying to find the balance in my life, but most of the time I felt like I was rushing through life not able to pause and think, to feel or process anything. On the surface my career, family life and work all seemed brilliant, but I was feeling frustrated, confused about my purpose and goal. I’d lost myself. On arrival in Tel Aviv, Israel, I had no expectations but I wanted to give all of my heart and soul to this trip, I wanted to shut out the past, and live in the present. I wanted to surround myself with strong people who inspired me, I wanted to embrace new cultures whilst valuing my own and I wanted to find my way in the world again.



From herding goats, floating in the Dead Sea, crying in Holocaust Museum, praying at Wailing wall, teamwork in the rafting building to virtual innovations and tech start-ups the experience was a non-stop a roller coaster of emotions, a lifetime of stories and meeting unbelievable people. The adventures brought us closer as a group, connected by our passions and bonded by our experiences — I opened up, shared my fears and felt a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I found that others, like me, had been lost, scarred and broken by life, but remained strong in spirit and kind at heart. I found it all surreal the depth and beauty of everyone on the trip inspired me to make a change, it gave me hope.




Women who truly inspire

One of the most valuable lessons this experience taught me is the importance of surrounding yourself with a network of men and women who truly inspire you and bring out the best in you. Ask yourself when was the last time you actually sat down with someone and talked about life, happiness, the world and your fears. When was last time you listened to someone else — guided them and helped them? 

All the amazing people on the trip gave me so much of their time, they listened, they guided, they advised and they understood without judgement — it was the women that inspired me the most. Women conquering their corner of the world and passionate about diversity, life, breaking the rules and creativity for good. I believe we all need a network of strong women in our lives and we need to raise each other up — together we are more powerful than we realize — together women can change the worlds, just as these women changed mine.




Reshaping the world

Some journeys are life changing because of their timing, other trips are great firsts, like visiting a country for the first time, crossing the ocean or hiking up a mountain. And some are unexpected adventures that change your outlook and perspective on life forever — this trip was unforgettable. The Schusterman Foundation is making a difference by opening our hearts and minds and embracing the past to help shape the future. The Beyond Team were simply amazing, our guides and hosts — from the stories they shared to make you feel like part of the family. I never experienced people giving so much of themselves to help you discover your own weakness and strengths as a human being and as a leader. Through them, I learned that when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to trust and share we open our hearts and our minds — we let go and we refocus. The trip was flawless my only criticism — it was over too soon!




The lessons learned have been many, and although I found myself with more questions than answers, I am filled with excitement rather than fear. We must all take time to be grateful for who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. To give to others, rather than take and to create a better future and world for all of us to exist side by side. This experience makes me believe this is possible — when we work together. 50 people from different backgrounds, cultures, faiths came together, we shared food, we shared our passions and dreams and most importantly what began as ‘an epic journey through Israel with a mission to repair the world’ turned into an epic journey that helped me find my way and set me on a course to reset my own life. The future inspires me.

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