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Mucinex® Sickwear™
An innovative capsule collection designed to help you look good, and feel better.

Mucinex® Sickwear

Mucinex® Transforms into a Holistic Health & Wellness Lifestyle Brand with First-of-its-Kind Social Commerce Launch. Sickwear is a unisex collection anchored in classic silhouettes but infused with innovations like antimicrobial fabrics, tissue pockets, aromatherapy sleeves, pillow hoodies, and retractable eye masks, all made with sustainable materials.


Transforming Mucinex from healthcare to self-care. 

Mucinex wanted to find a way to extend from healthcare to self-care. Barbarian recognized that Gen Z not only were the most likely group to lean on wellness over medicine, but they also valued the convenience of direct-to-consumer speed and convenience. So they created Sickwear – a capsule collection designed so that every feature helps you to feel better during cold & flu. 


The Art and Science of feeling better

Made in collaboration with fashion designers Steven Alan and The Great Eros’ Christina Viviani, the limited-time-only capsule collection focuses on holistic wellness and includes ready-to-wear, sleepwear, and accessories anchored in innovative technology and design, with antimicrobial, breathable, and washable fabrics, thoughtful tissue pockets, soothing aromatherapy sleeves, pillow hoodies and retractable eye masks. Additionally, each piece is curated with colors known for providing calming comfort, boosts of energy, and optimism. 


A category-first shoppable Livestream fashion show

We knew that to reach Gen Z with a radical new idea, we needed a radical approach to launch, so we debuted Sickwear with a category-first shoppable Livestream fashion show directed by Emmy Award-winning photographer and director Danielle Levitt, and produced by Webby Award-winning Production Company of the Year, m ss ng p eces. A technical feat that involved six separate locations, all over the country, rehearsed and choreographed into one ambitious multichannel real-time Livestream, direct from the homes of famous influencers.



Debuted with YouTubers & social personalities - Turning bedrooms into runways

To unveil the Sickwear™ collection and help spark the brand’s new social commerce and lifestyle initiative, we curated a team of creative disrupters at the forefront of innovation and culture, dubbing them Mucinex®’s “Front Row of The Future.” This collection of YouTubers including social personalities, Chriselle Lim, Drew Scott, Nava Rose, Daniella Perkins, and Jacques Slade will debut the collection during a live-streamed event on YouTube, turning their private bedrooms into runways. 


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Shoppable Livestream with Live Q&A

In this category-first shoppable Livestream fashion show fans interacted with the YouTubers in a live Q&A, where real-time inventory updates shaped the conversation, and viewers could not only watch, chat, and interact, but instantly buy the collection from a new Mucinex DTC website. 





The campaign resulted in the largest single-day online sales in Mucinex history.

We didn’t just help Mucinex appeal to a new generation, we launched an entirely new category in fashion, created a pop culture moment, and transformed Mucinex from healthcare into a holistic wellness lifestyle brand. 

91 million impressions.

17,000 clicks to Mucinex’s YouTube channel.

13,000+ people watched the Livestream.

Sold out within 24 hours.