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Infiniti F1 Pitch
Chasing the edge of Passion, Precision and Provocation



Chasing the edge of Passion, Precision and Provocation. 
Our creative approach was to own the 90 minutes no one is talking about, organizing a community rallied under a singular passion-point of “Chasing the Edge” - allowing the community get intimate with F1 by creating 
sensory experiences both online and off. 




Inspired by the skills of an Infiniti Pit Crew Team, we pitched a series of interactive games of problem solving, speed and dexterity. The games required a demonstration of both physical and mental agility, as well as split second decision making and a ruthlessness for precision. 




In a truly mesmerising, sound, smell and touch experience, we will replicate how it would feel to be stood in the middle of the track during an F1 race. Hear the sound of the roaring engines on the distant starting grid; the cheering crowd; the beeps of the start signal; the howling approach; then all 22 cars tearing past you, the rush of wind in all directions, and the smell of fuel as the race tears into action.




Time to unleash the beast, Seb has mastered the world's greatest race tracks, and is looking for a new challenge. Creating an online tool, to allow users to build the ultimate race track can you satisfy Seb's needs? Can he channel his dark matter and beat the clock?