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Introducing The World's
Cheapest Taxi Rank Powered by the Nissan Leaf



Fuel prices are getting ridiculous, but people don't realise that fully charging a Nissan Leaf costs less than £2. In fact, driving one is six times cheaper than a similar sized petrol car. To spread the word, we set up a taxi rank with a difference. Our fleet of 100% electric cars took bookings through Twitter, and had very low fares - the price of electricity. A matter of pennies.




Getting a ride was simple: tweet where you want to go with the hashtag #6xcheaper and Nissan would tweet back with the cost of your journey. This was generally under 10p and if the  Nissan Leaf was free you could jump right in. A huge screen displayed the tweets as they came in, letting people know if they’d got a ride and highlighting the comparative cost of electric versus petrol.





250 Increase in Twitter activity
500 Miles covered
200+ Nissan LEAF passengers
65+ Litres of fuel saved