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Magic & Sparkle present
The World's Biggest game of Pass The Parcel



AKQA partnered with M&S to create the world’s biggest game of Pass the Parcel. A social game for all to enjoy over the Christmas holidays. Participants were guided through the responsive experience by 3D animations of Magic & Sparkle – the two fairies at the heart of last year’s M&S TV commercial.





Customers simply logged in with Facebook to unwrap a layer with the chance to win over 100,000 prizes, ranging from bags of Percy Pigs through to the Ultimate M&S Christmas worth over £2,500. By passing the parcel to a friend, they got to unwrap an extra layer.




At the heart of the experience were two mischievous fairies Magic & Sparkle and their mission was to make Christmas extra special for everyone. AKQA developed digital versions of the fairies from the TVC using 3D CGI, bringing to life their characters and mannerisms for all M&S digital channels including the Gift Finder experience, in-store animations with fairies in novelty jumpers, and  shop-able in-store screens alongside the Pass the Parcel game.




The Pass the Parcel campaign generated a significant volume of traffic through self-referrals - the Facebook message mechanic was an effective way of driving visits without the need for paid promotion. 3.9 Million Unwraps

2.5 Million Visits

3.2 Million Passes

94,197 Prizes won