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Volvo's XC40 Recharge
Google Lens unlocks the latest Volvo with Augmented Reality AD in a NYT Magazine

Google Lens unlocks the latest Volvo XC40 Recharge in a New York Times Magazine

Google Lens is a mobile-based technology which can "scan" its environment through the camera, animating static images and adding links to objects that it recognizes. To promote its Lens technology, Google bought every ad spot in music edition of The New York Times Magazine, and as an exclusive brand partner Volvo was given the opportunity to champion this new medium.

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 2.32.05 AMScreen Shot 2021-05-30 at 2.32.05 AM


Go beyond the page with Google Lens and NYT Magazine - An immersive and engaging AR experience that brings the world of print, video and machine learning into one experience.

Volvo's first pure-electric SUV, the XC40 Recharge, had recently launched online and was ready to  pre-order, but to many prospective owners the car was still a mystery. We saw an opportunity to use Google Lens to intrigue the NYT readership and introduce both the car and  Volvo's new electric vision at the same time. In partnership with Grey, we created a completely unbranded print ad as the opening double page spread in the NYT magazine. The only call to action was to "reveal the ride" using Google Lens, which caused the print ad to come to life and build the car innovation-by-innovation until the XC40 Recharge was complete.



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